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Fawn Pug

Customize Your Blissful Dog's Goodies...Shop By Your Dog's Breed

Everything blissful for your dog's breed is curated into their collection. This includes everything with your breed label + products that are especially suited for your dog's breed needs. 

The curated dog breed collections are alphabetically by breed, plus mixed breed and our generic Just A Dog Collection for those who prefer a Minimalist Aesthetic.

Don't see your dog's breed offered as a label? Choose any dog breed you like, shop JUST A DOG or Mixed BreedOf course, feel free to contact us and request your dog's breed be added!

While NOSE BUTTER has breed specific labels, it is the same NOSE BUTTER recipe for all of them. For example, NOSE BUTTER with a Chihuahua on the label is the same recipe as NOSE BUTTER for Mastiffs. 

FYI: Dog breeds are listed alphabetically by their American Kennel Club name with a few variations (Malamute instead of Alaskan Malamute and Husky, not Siberian Husky.)

Why Offer SO Many Dog Breed Labels?

  1. The #1 reason is to offer you the opportunity to customize your purchase with your dog's breed image. Like buying a t-shirt with a picture of a French Bulldog vs. a shirt that says, "I LOVE MY FRENCHIE." Our gift to you!
  2. I love creating the labels, researching the dog breeds and tweaking the labels. My team will tell you I obsess over the labels...endlessly.
  3. And finally…Human beings have bred dogs to fill their needs for over 15,000 years. Ever since that first friendly wolf puppy crawled up to the fire, humankind has wanted a dog that was bigger, smaller, fluffier, taller, longer, and every imaginable color combination. There is a dog breed or mix for every preference, every climate, every lifestyle, every imaginable need! Talk about diversity!