The Blissful Dog Team

The Blissful Dog Staff

The Blissful Dog Team

The Blissful Dog Team is a hard-working, dog-loving, horse loving, Netflix binging crew. We love making each product individually and filling it with love, to share with your dogs.


Kathy Dannel Vitcak | CEO | Founder | Owner

I've got a full page of my rambling about ME - check it out here.

Ashley Kelzer | Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder The Blissful Horses

Ashley studied Agricultural Business at the University of Minnesota in Crookston, MN. Ashley is an avid horse lover and can be seen running down Hwy 32 chasing them when they get loose.  Ashley, her mom and Amanda are pictured together at Ashley's recent wedding to Nick Kelzer. 

Amanda Hoffman | Social Media Support

Amanda is back! She has graduated from college and is helping us our a couple of days a week in between her work at Off the Tracks Grooming in Gonvick, MN. 

Teri Hoffman | Co-Office Manager | Product Specialist  | Community Liaison

Yep, Teri is Ashley and Amanda's mom and has joined the crew here. She keeps us all in line and on time. Teri has that ever-so-valuable gift of cutting to the nuts and bolts of the matter and infusing her special brand of common sense into our work. 

Teri has a degree in accounting and has my deepest respect. The whole concept of accounting evades me totally.  

Tami Weber | Production Assistant

Tami helps us with everything we need help with. She pops in a couple of times a week and picks up the slack and helps keep things going smoothly. She also shares her own unique Tami Tales. Tami shares her home with four dogs, Bella, Prince, Neuman and Rocky and two cats. 

Steve Vitcak  | Transportation Director | Official Scapecoat

The Husband, as he is referred to, has been fired and re-hired repeatedly. Steve is also who is blamed for anything that goes wrong. THAT is a very valuable position. When he isn’t busy fishing with friends, he is our indispensable Transportation Director. IRL, he and his dog Pagel drive the mail to the Post Office and drop packages off at FedEx. For that we are very grateful.

CH. Jackpot! The Dude Abides | THE DUDE

Aka THE MOST INTERESTING FRENCH BULLDOG IN THE WORLD. Dude leans against my legs while I work, making sure he gets as close as possible to the wheels of my office chair. The DUDE abides and protects us from chipmunks, squirrels, the unseen demons that only dogs can see and keeps anyone from stealing the rug. Because, that rug really ties the room together… 

Ska∂i & Tili aka The Floofers

Our newest additions are two ¾ Leonberger and ¼ Great Pyrenees  girls. After our adored Zoe passed this past spring the whole in our hearts could not be denied. I went to look at the litter with the intentions of getting one puppy and somehow ended up with two. I also forgot to tell Steve where I was going. Oopsie! We are having a blast with the girls and are still amazed at how FAST they are growing! 

The Grazing Critters

Our pet Yak, Kundun, and his bestie, Clyde the sheep, keep us entertained with their shenanigans. Plus, Nyker and Bliss, our two mini-horses and Jasper their donkey buddy are usually up to no good. Plus, Ashley, our resident farmer, has her growing herd of cows here, so we get to enjoy their bovine presence. While not quite as interactive as the Yak, they are cool in a grounding cow way.

pet yak