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A-The Blissful Dog Team

A blissful bunch of dog loving people are the heart and soul of The Blissful Dog

Meet everyone who ensures your purchase for your dog is going to not only do what we say it will, but will also bring you a smile, a moment of bliss, a warm moment. Plus, meet some of the 4-legged crew.

Founder and CEO

Dog Obsessed, Transplanted Southerner, Pop Culture Addict

Kathy Dannel Vitcak


Original Get Sh*t Done, Cow Crazed, Dog Loving Minnesotan & Nick's Wife

Ashley Hoffman Kelzer

Chief Financial Officer | Sales Director

"I Can Figure It Out," Outdoor Loving, Numbers Guy & Ashley's Husband

Nick Kelzer

Production Manager

Quintessential Mom Yearning To Be a Grandmother, Dog Loving, Farming Minnesotan + Ashley & Amanda's Mom

Teri Hoffman

Merchandising Manager

Dog Crazed, Horse Loving, Dreamer, Minnesotan Thru & Thru

Amanda Hoffman

Product Specialist

Dog Loving, Dog Crazed, Grandma & Professional Shopper

Tami Weber

Resident Philosopher

Existentialist with a Dash of 

Epicureanism and Paper Shredder


Floofer Goddess of Winter

Ska∂i rules the winter months with an iron paw, she has a weakness for plush stuffies and stolen snacks


Floofer Goddess of the Harvest

Tili rules beside her sister with the aplomb confidence of one born to power, she has a fondness for Nylabones and well-written Villanelles


Staunch Overseer

Linus chose to stay on as property manager when we bought this farm. He continues to perform his duties admirably


Cougar Lookout

Leo was mauled by a cougar when just a wee pup. Since then his life's work is to warn all of imminent cougar attacks. He lives with Ashley and works flex time for us

Leo the Survivor

Gives Comfort to Amanda & Professional Treat Begger

Treats, treats, treats keep Shasta on top. A professional emotional support dog, she is a queen amongst dogs.


Yak Extraordinaire

Kundun spends his days stink-eyeing the rest of the team, as he is convinced everyone but him is a slackadaisacal loyzer.


Professional Unicorn Impersonator

I asked Nyker what he wanted me to say about him. He told me, but I couldn't understand him...he was a little hoarse.