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Your Dog Is 3 Steps Away From Bug Banishment

Say GoodBye to Biting, Bothersome Bugs!

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Gentle Touch Dog Shampoo
Casey Wilkinson
My puppies smell wonderful!

I always receive compliments on how good my puppies smell! I’ll never use another shampoo!

Great product

This has worked miracles on my Walker’s nose. I was using vitamin E before and it didn’t work near as well as this. I would highly recommend this product.

It works.

My dog experiences stress when out around other dogs, partially due to lacking confidence, and a couple of unfortunate incidents that results in them being afraid of other dogs. Using both applications of relax therapy, they are calm enough to deal with life and being out and about. Love this product!

My dogs skin is nice now!

My great pyreneese has had skin problems during the summer but this boo boo butter really helps to make his belly nice and pink again! It's all natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about him licking it off. I love boo boo butter!

Pug Nose Butter
Meaghan M
Miracle product

This nose butter is absolutely amazing! My pug’s nose was a crusty disaster and after a few days of using this, it looks perfect! I’ve used this product for years and it’s fantastic. When I first bought it, I took it to my vet to make sure it was safe and he said it was great. I’ve been using it ever since.


My Jack Chi mix had red spots that would not go away, Boo Boo Butter saved the day! The vet gave him steriods etc but that did nothing. This stuff works great!!

I stumbled across this product at my vets office. We live in an area surrounded by woods, and ticks are everywhere! This is the one product that works and doesn't bother my dog's skin!!

Boxer Nose Butter
Melissa Jacoby
Works great!

Bought the nose butter for our boxer's EXTREMELY dry nose and within a couple of days it was noticeably better! Very happy with the product. Definitely easier to spread when warmed up. I tucked it under the heating pad I was using for a few minutes and it worked wonders.

Nose Butter, Awesome Product

Absolutely love the nose butter! In less than a week my little guys nose was so much better.

Lust Buster Butter
Kathy Augello
Lust Buster Did the Job!

Cloudy used Lust Buster at a Working Group dog show this past Friday. It worked! He kept his nose out of the grass walking to the ring, in the ring, and back to the set
up. My left shoulder thanks you as I didn't feel it was going to pop out of socket from fighting him to hold his head up. This product is AMAZING! Thanks so much.

Quintessential Dog Relax Dog Aromatherapy

Happy Nose

Our dog had issues with their nose cracking to where part of their nose would peel off. The nose butter has made their nose so much better and feeling better too.


My dogs nose has been excessively cracked, dry, and in some spots peeling from whatever is happening. We had a bleeding issue that resulted in a emergency vet visit. Luckily, she had a cut in her nose where all the swelling was occurring. We have used the nose balm for three weeks and what an improvement. He nose is still dry but with the nose balm, the other issues have subsided. I can even apply the balm without incident any longer. I am thankful for this product. It has been a wonderful relief for our Aussie!

It works

Great improvement after one week. Before and after pics

It works

Before and then after one week

Keep Calm & Blissfully Carry-On Kit
Brandy Williams-Lowe
Love these products and so does our dogs

These products work, smell great and don’t break the bank… a triple win!

Elderly Great Dane

This is an absolutely fabulous product. I was quite leery at first but it is amazing. She’s starting to get a little bit of dementia and is even more clingy than before. And great Danes are already known as Velcro dogs. This relaxes her within minutes and lets her rest comfortably. I’m very impressed

Bug Off Spray
Michelle Cuenca
Best Bug Spray ever !!

I love how evenly it sprays. I was able to confidently spend time with my dog and family until the sun went down without the fear of being bitten to death by mosquitos. Also I am less afraid that my dog or cats may have skin reactions, when coming into contact with the bug off spray. I didn't stay out all night because the noise of the mosquitos was annoying, but I was comfortable wearing summer clothing thanks to the blissful bug off spray Thank you !! You guys are amazing!! Never fails to amaze me the quality of your products. My family members where also amazing by the sprays effectiveness.

So much better!

I never knew this existed. A friend saw a picture of Nina and gifted me a tin of nose butter. Before and after only ten days! It's a miracle!

Dog not so Dirrty anymore. :)

I love the Dirrrty Dog shampoo. It lathers great and goes a long way. It leaves his coat and skin beautifully shiny and clean. He smells great, until he finds more dirt to lay in to stay cool. But this shampoo goes further than any I've used.

Great Stuff

The Vet told me Teddy had colly nose, thought I would try the Blissful Dog nose butter. After a few applications on his nose and snout & some sores on his ears they looked good, now I only apply the nose butter every couple of days. During this hot weather I noticed him nipping at himself which caused quite a few scabs and welts all over his body, I thought why not try the nose butter, I applied the nose butter to the scabs & sores, it helped decrease the itching and scabs, they are almost all gone by now.

Works great

The nose butter really does work.

Saint Bernard Nose Butter
Heather Philips
Miracle Remedy

My Saint Bernard's nose has been dry & cracked for years. Nose looked discolored from the dryness. ONE use and his nose was perfectly shiny black again! I was so shocked! He started getting a little dry (but no discoloration) 2 weeks later, so used one more time. I love the tube butter. It's easy to apply like a big chapstick for his nose. The paw butter tin is working great on the pads of his feet. Those were worse and taking a little longer since I haven't been consistent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I only wish I found this product sooner. I will never be without it again.

Better than I expected

This product is amazing Banjo’s nose was dry, crusty and cracking. He suffers from Collie Nose and was being treated with steroid drops. These worked but continued use is not recommended. Banjo lost his hair above his nose and also his brown pigmented nose turned pink.
After a few months using the Nose Butter his nose back to normal with the brown nose starting to return and the hair is coming back.
I would highly recommend this product.
Cheers Iain from Australia.

Love your products!!

We have 2 Great Pyrenees mix dogs. We have used the Nose butter on our male and it has cleared up his nose so much! He hardly has any "crustiness" on his nose any more. We just started using the Gentle Touch shampoo and our pups sure did look good! They also weren't scratching near us much. These are such great products. I tell everyone i can!