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Bug Off Collection

bug off dog insect repellants

Goodbye Annoying Bugs! Goodbye Harsh Chemicals!

Natural Bug and Insect Repellents for Dogs

Everyone loves spending time outdoors with our dogs during pleasant weather. But nobody likes battling nasty biting bugs!

Herein lies the rub...the chemical stuff that is deadly to bugs is…deadly chemical stuff. Sure, it works, but at what cost to us, our dogs and the environment?

The natural alternative pet safe bug repellent products, such as our Bug Off Collection, work, but we are NOT trying to present them as natural DEET, there is no such thing. But we will swear BUG OFF is an effective alternative insect repellent for dogs from harsh, chemical-laden products.

3-Step Battle Plan for Keeping BUGS OFF

  1. Bath your dog in BUG OFF SOAP
  2. Spray BUG OFF SPRAY liberally on dog from ears back 
  3. Apply BUG OFF BUTTER to paws, ears, tail (especially the end), any area bugs seem to bedevil

FYI! The different BUG OFF dog breeds are just for fun! It is the same product within each category - soap or boo boo butter. Pick a buggy label you like or check out our Bug Off Duo.