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Is Your Dog's Nose Dry? Crusty?

Dry, crusty noses can affect any dog. Our Nose Butter® has been moisturizing dry noses since 2002.

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Are Your Dog's Elbows Callused?

Dogs create calluses when they slam down on hard surfaces. Our Elbow Butter conditions calluses fast.

Elbow Callus Info

Are Your Dog's Paws Dry?

From just a bit dry to Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis, Paw Butter moisturizes your dog's paw pads.

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Do You Have a Dirty, Dirrrty Dog?

Our grooming products get your dirtiest dog clean, refreshed and smelling delightful.

Have A Blissfully Clean Dog

Are Bugs Biting Your Buddy?

Have blasted biting bugs bummed your dog's outdoor playtime? Try all natural Bug Off! Butter, Spray & Soap.

Bug Off Bugs!!!

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