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German shorthair pointer puppy


Yes, everything The Blissful Dog has with a German Shorthaired Pointer (and the German Wire Haired Pointer, of course) is available from this page. While your GSP or GWP may be pretty much a wash 'n wear kinda dog, they still need support.

NOSE BUTTER takes care of any dry nose issues, PAW BUTTER moisturizes those weary paws from all the miles your dog probably logs and ELBOW BUTTER supports any elbow callus tendencies they may have. Plus, we have BOO BOO BUTTER for the random itchy skin irritation or scratches and scrapes they get tearing through the brush.

With the launch of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection we now offer everything blissful for your dog's bath and body needs. Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.

senior german shorthair pointerCheck out The Blissful Dog Aromatherapy with RELAX to calm frazzles dog nerves, AGE WELL for senior support and FOCUS for yep, focusing those distractible canines. I found the most beautiful senior GSP sisters for the AGE WELL label. They made me a bit teary, 14-year-old German Shorthair Pointer Sisters.


  1. The GSP has webbed feet
  2. The GSP coat is water repellant (well, to a degree)
  3. The GSP is more popular in the USA than in Germany
  4. The GSP has been clocked at 45 MPH
  5. The GSP matures s-l-o-w-l-y and isn't considered grown until three years of age