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Bliss Bits | The Blissful Puppy Program for Responsible Breeders

The Blissful Dog Breeders Program The Blissful Dog Puppy Program, Because Every Puppy Deserves a Blissful Life

Whether breeding dogs is your passionate hobby or your vocation, we are united in our love for our dogs, our passion for each puppy having the best life possible and as an advocate for the positive treatment of all dogs.

For over 25 years I bred and showed top-ranked, top-winning French Bulldogs. While no longer breeding Frenchies I am still actively involved in the breed as a supporter and, on occasion, judge. Many of my best friends I met through the sport of dogs and I cherish the doors showing dogs opened for me. Ashley and Teri were also involved in field trials with their Coonhounds, back in the day, and are equally passionate about the positive treatment of dogs.