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The Blissful Puppy Program

the blissful dog breeder's program

The Blissful Dog Puppy Program

Every Puppy Deserves a Blissful Life

Whether breeding dogs is your passionate hobby or your vocation, we are united in our love for our dogs, our passion for each puppy having the best life possible and as an advocate for the positive treatment of all dogs.

For over 25 years I bred and showed top-ranked, top-winning French Bulldogs. While no longer breeding Frenchies I am still actively involved in the breed as a supporter and, on occasion, judge. Many of my best friends I met through the sport of dogs and I cherish the doors the sport of dogs opened for me. Ashley and Teri were also involved in field trials with their Coonhounds, back in the day, and are equally passionate about the positive treatment of dogs.

Our Blissful Puppy Program helps you provide your puppy people with some of the tools they need to ensure their puppy fulfills their bliss potential.

After acceptance into The Blissful Dog Breeder Program you will be eligible to receive the following for your puppy people;

  • Blissful Puppy Packs (see below for all the cool stuff they get)
  • Coupons for your next purchases
  • Breeder discounts for multiple purchases of full-size products for inclusion in your puppy kits if desired
  • Access to downloads of several PDFs (coloring books, journals, etc.) for you to print and use/share

Blissful Puppy Packs Include:

  • Coupons from The Blissful Dog and retailer partners
  • A clear letter size vinyl envelope for storing puppy info
  • A complete Blissful Puppy Record Keeping Program
  • Stickers and freebies showcasing their dog breed 

The Blissful Puppy Record Keeping Kit includes;

  • Your Puppy’s Info Form
  • Your Puppy’s Health Records Form
  • Your Puppy’s Medications Record
  • Also available for download (can be edited online)

Plus, the following Bonus Forms - PDF via Download:

  • Your Puppy’s Adoption Certificate 
  • Pet Sitter Info Form (2-pages)
  • Promise to My Dog Contract (Adult & Child Versions)
  • Making Blissful Puppy Memories (25 page Puppy Album/Scrapbook/Journal
  • 2019 Blissful Calendar

Access to MORE!

Other components of this series; To-Do Lists, Scrapbooking sheets and pages, My Blissful Puppy Journal, Guided Journaling Programs, Planner Organization Program + MORE will be released every two weeks or so via The Blissful Dog newsletter. Sign-up for our newsletter and/or like us on Facebook to gain access to all the FREEBIES. The Blissful Dog on Facebook

What The Blissful Dog Requests of You

Of course, you already know how absolutely amazing our products or you wouldn't be here! We do ask that you help us spread the word. In addition to giving your puppy buyers The Blissful Puppy Packs we provide, we ask you to share the bliss on the social media avenues you use (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and FB Groups etc. that are applicable. Hashtag us using #theblissfuldog #blissfuldog #myblissfulpuppy.

Apply for The Blissful Dog Puppy Program Here

Please fill out the form, link opens to a Google Form for you to fill out. Application Form Link. 

After application is submitted, you will be informed of application status via email.

Request specific number of Puppy Packs for your litter here. 

Yes, the initial signing up takes a few minutes, but it allows us to automate the system and takes me and my post-it notes organization system out of the equation. 

The Legalese

Ugh, loathe this part, but here goes. In plain English, dont copy my hard work and don’t sell the collateral (My Blissful Dog Record Keeper, My Blissful Puppy Journal, Making Blissful Memories, The Blissful Dog Coloring Book and any other materials provided by The Blissful Dog, or any part of it. Don’t alter it or use bits and pieces for monetary gain.

TERMS OF USE: For Your Personal Use Only

  • You are licensed to use the above materials for your own personal use and to share with puppy buyers/adopters in its original, unaltered format only
  • Personal use means no part of the materials may be used or altered for sale any manner.
  • None of the above may be used in advertising, redistributed, resold or relicensed.

The fine print: Educational information, resource materials and/or referrals provided to the public are reliable but not guaranteed. Information offered to the public is for educational purposes only; and The Blissful Dog assumes no liability for any information imparted by The Blissful Dog Puppy Program members.