dogo de argentino


Your Dogo Argentino is one eye-catching dog. I bet you have fielded a million questions…is that a white (then fill in the blank - Boxer, Pit Bull, Mastiff, Pony). You may have considered having cards printed with exactly what your dog's breed IS. We get it! Here you can have NOSE BUTTER® for your Dogo's dry nose with a DOGO on the label!

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The Dogo Argentino is also known as the Dogo, the Argentine Dogo and the Argentinean Mastiff.

They were originally bred in the 1920s to hunt big game in Argentina like wild boar and mountain lion, yep, wild boars and cougars!

Many Dogo Argentino dogs are born deaf due to the white coat desired. Responsible breeders are working to lessen/eliminate this issue.