Brachycephalic Dogs

Brachycephalic Dog Breed Needs

That is a long name for a short-faced dog, isn't it? Flat or baby faced dogs have been popular since Queen Victoria was the first to go "Squeeeee" and decree that she was smitten with those faces. There may not have been an actual decree, but I like to think our flat-faced dogs deserved royal mention!

For those of us who are smitten with these dogs comes the extra responsibility of caring for their specific needs caused by their unique body types. Quick Digression: I am putting the finishing touches on a book to be released later this spring of 2020, Embrace the Brachy.  Join our newsletter for the scoop on its release. 

This collection brings together the products we have that cater to out flat-faced friends, plus, a one-stop center for articles, blog posts, etc. you may find of interest. Enjoy! Articles open in new window.

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