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Smooth Dachshund


Your Dachshund is probably a hardy little dog. As long as you watch out for those scary back problems and keep their weight down, Dachshund's are usually pretty healthy. But even the determined Dachshund can have a dry nose, rough paws or even some stress or anxiety. Below you will find everything you need for your Doxie's nose, toes, elbows and emotional issues. Well, pretty much everything...

With the addition of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection, we now offer a complete line of shampoos and everything else to keep your Doxie looking fabulous from head to toe.

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Here are all of our products geared toward your Doxie friend, but first…


SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Dachshunds have 12 standard colors and 3 kinds of markings and 3 types of costs (smooth, long, or wire-haired) AND 2 sizes (standard and miniature). That equals 216 possible variations by my math.

WW II NAZIS HAD A TALKING DOXIE Kurwenal was a Dachshund who could supposedly speak by barking certain ways for certain letters of the alphabet - like Morse Code with dog barks. Hey, I read this on the internet, so it must be true!

HOT DOG It is said German butchers kept Dachshunds as their shop dogs. Soon the sausages and small brats were called Dachshund Sausages. This term quickly became Hot Dogs as Yale college students in 1895 discovered the tasty brats. The exact progression is lost in the murky depths of time...


The dog many people immediately connect to all things German may have roots in Ancient Egypt! Egyptian engravings have been found depicting short-legged hunting dogs. The American University in Cairo also discovered the mummified remains of dachshund-like dogs from ancient Egyptian burial urns. Go figure!

The Dachshund most familiar to us was developed by German breeders using a variety of German, French, and English hounds and terriers. Known as the badger dog (dacha meaning badger and Hund meaning dog), the Dachshund has been known as a breed since the 1400s.

They ranged in size from the rabbit hunting lightweight five to twelve pounders to the middleweight 20 pounders who hunted the deer and foxes up to the more sizable 35 pound boar chasing Doxies.