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What Do You DO With 18,781 Pictures of Your Dogs?

Making Memories ~ Capturing, Sharing & Cherishing Your Blissful Dog's Photos

WOMAN with French Bulldog

What's Your Dog Photography Persona?

Everybody Has a Dog Photography Persona - What's Yours?

Dog Photography Personas range from the Sheer Volume Optimist to the Balanced & Chill Photographer to the dyed-in-the-wool Old School Dog Photographer.

The best part of knowing your DPP (Dog Personality Personna) is you can decide if your DPP truly reflects your photographystyle or if you are really more of a Photography Artist at heart. Each style has it's diehard fans, enjoying finding yours.

Find Out Your Dog Photography Persona

Taking Pictures of Your Blissful Dog

Bliss Tips for Taking Your Dog's Best Photograph

The internat makes it is SO easy to share pics of our dogs. From plastering them all over social media to honing our hashtag game to perfection to emailing and texting pics to everyone we know...we can all share our dog's pics like pros!

We've compiled technical tips, nuts & bolts of photographing dogs, how to get THE shot and more.

As our GIFT to you! Download, enjoy and tag us with your pics #theblissfuldog #blissfuldog

Taking Photographs of Your Blissful Dog
golden retriever puppy asleep

Finding Blissful Inspiration

Finding New Inspiration for Your Blissful Dog Photos

How do some people get those absolutely stunning photographs of their dogs? While some people are picture taking geniuses, the rest of us can learn a few tips and take our photo game up dramatically!

There are over 200 pictures of dogs in a plethora of poses and places to jump start your creativity! Some are shot by pros and others are shot by budding photographers.

Also included are tips and ideas on how to get inspired!

Blissful Dog Photo Inspirations

Capturing Blissful Dog Memories

Showcasing & Sharing Your Blissful Dog

You've learned how to take great pictures of your dog, now what? Our capturing memories info shares tips on what photos are Milestones Shots you won't want to miss.

Included are templates for you to use to chronicle your blissful dog's life. Like all of our PDFs, these are formatted to edit and use online or to print and use.

This is an ongoing series, with more additions coming soon! We'll be covering how to tame your Cloud Photo Storage and more.

Capturing Blissful Dog Memories