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Bliss Bits | Reviews & Testimonials

The Blissful Dog Reviews & Testimonials

Years ago when The Blissful Dog first started online (as ONE PayPal button on a site built with Adobe GoLive), it was before Amazon revolutionized how we view the power of unbiased Reviews & Testimonials. I would get a glowing review read it, make the husband listen as I read it out loud and then save the email (or letter). I wish I had ALL of the reviews we've been fortunate enough to receive, but many of those early ones were lost…too many email server disasters and untimely Mac deaths. 

Here are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. More are available on each product's dedicated page. Thank you, to each of the dog loving people, who have taken the time to share how our products helped their dogs look and feel blissfully better. Again, THANK YOU!


Based on 3870 reviews

Amazing products. Annie has a lot of skin issues and the boo boo butter helps her tremendously! Thank you blissful dog!

Love ❤️

I love your products keep my dogs coat conditioned for dog showing

Blissful Dog

The elbow butter is great!

Chihuahua Nose Butter
Susan Scanlan-Morgan
Effective Beyond Belief

The Blissful Dog Nose Butter worked so well and so quickly on our fourteen year old ChihuahuaXRat Terrier that I would not have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself. After only six applications, her nose was transformed and looked like it had when she was young. She seems more comfortable and no more incidents of her nose snagging on fabric. I am sharing my experience of the Blissful Dog Nose Butter with the dog people in my circle including our veterinarian. Easy to order, delivered quickly, economical and, most importantly, effective!

Amazing product. Worked really fast on our dogs nose!

Miracle elbow butter!

I bought this miracle butter for my 7 year old labrador. It’s amazing, it really works! Her elbow has improved significantly!

Another great product from Blissful!

I always used your paw butter for my best friend (who unfortunately recently passed). It was the very only product that I would trust on her pads so I knew when I needed elbow butter for my foster husky, I had to get it from Blissful. I’m already seeing a difference in his elbows which is so great. I had no doubt that it would work. It moisturizes and protects without being greasy, it’s fantastic. Thank you!

Pug Nose Butter
Piper Shano
Evee the Pug Loves Pug Nose Butter

Thank you so much for this fantastic product!! It worked wonders on Evee the Pug!!!

Works Fast and Amazing

I have a St. Bernard and she sticks her nose into the dirt, all the time. This product works fast, and she like the taste when she licks her nose. She is playful, so when she sees the tin she runs, but only onto the couch. I think she does that to get comfortable, lol

My two Yorkies were like they just got out of the groomer after I use this

The shampoo and the conditioner are awesome. I tried many different brands, and these just did the trick. My Yorkies came out, shiny, clean, tangle free, and as if they just got out of the groomer. I am very pleased with this product!

Lust Buster Butter
Rachel Scherrer

Did not work at all to dissuade my stud from my female in heat. Sigh

Cane Corso Nose Butter
Tisa Johnson
Excellent Product

Works great on our Cane Corso. She doesn’t mind this at all because it’s unscented which is perfect! Her nose is looking fabulous! So glad we found Nose Butter!

It’s wonderful I’ve had three bulldogs and they’ve all had dry noses but my current dog Bentley had the driest knows and we came across the blissful dog and couldn’t ask for a better team and Company. His nose still gets dry But without the nose Butter, it would be ridiculous. I just want to thank the people at the Blissful Dog And their tremendous team in communication. We got our Bentley in April 2019. And found out about them later that year, and been using them ever sense. The other products would be great too. Always thought about getting some but haven’t got around to it but can’t say enough about them. My bulldog is definitely much better with it. Sincerely, and thank you Jared Morrison. 


My cockers had badly chapped and cracked noses. One application of Nose Butter and problem solved. Now only need it once a week to keep things nice.

YES! That is the kind of news we love to hear! Cockers have more dry nose issues than is fair. We're thrilled yours are doing well. Thank you so much for taking time to leave us a review. We appreciate each one!


Great product and awesome service.

We love The Blissful Dog Nose Butter stick. For my frenchie this the only nose butter. I also appreciate the great price and awesome customer service.

Your kindness made my day! Today was one of THOSE days (my Mac was being petulant today) and now I have a BIG grin. I thank you and everyone here thanks you! We take a LOT of pride in keeping our prices as low as we can. We have done a very few increases in 20 years of business. I'm glad it is noticed. Give that gorgeous Frenchie a BIG hug and maybe a treat, from all of us!


Great products

We use the shampoo, conditioner and waterless shampoo on our Havanese and love all of them! His coat is clean, soft and smells great without being too perfumed

What good news! I'll admit to having SO much fun creating the Havanese Rich/Drama Queen labels. I do all the graphics and those labels are a blast! Those two made me smile, with the sassy one up front and the pouting sister in the back! One of these days I should add the little stories I make up about each do to their pages.

Thank you so much for letting us know how well our products did for your Havanese. Their coats are so pretty, but the silky fine texture can be a challenge! Give your Havanese a hug from us!


Best thing on the Market

I tried every product I could find in store and online. Then by daughter told me about Blissful Dog for Nose. I spend many hours researching reviews and trying to do my due diligence before purchasing. I wished I had taken a before and after picture of my 15 year old puppy. Amazing!!! The instructions and tips are wonderful and one container lasts so long. I just purchased the ones for the paws and I have only applied a couple of times. I will not use anything else.

O, first, 15-years-old! WOW! Your dog looks amazing for any age, but 15! Keep doing what you have been doing! It is working. We are honored to be a part of your team in keeping them blissful. Also, I really appreciate your kind words on our instructions and tips. I have a tendency to give to much information, some people say I 'ramble' but I think of it as sharing. I am feeling validated ;-D Than you again, we're so happy our dog is doing so well!



My wife and our dogs believe in boo boo butter 110%. With 2 Boxers, this is our to go to for their boo boos. Thank you, Blissful Dog

She loves it as much as i do

Really works great ❤️

Works so well and helps my girl just love these products

Great product love it aolt

Best there is!

We have been using this product for years. It is the best at keeping our dog’s nose from drying out. Can’t give this enough stars!

Thank you so much! We love hearing from our customers who have been with us for years. It reminds us that what we do matters, as dogs like yours look and FEEL better with our products! Thank you again and give your Swissie extra pets and maybe a treat ;-D from us!