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Years ago when The Blissful Dog first started online (as ONE PayPal button on a site built with Adobe GoLive), it was before Amazon revolutionized how we view the power of unbiased Reviews & Testimonials. I would get a glowing review read it, make the husband listen as I read it out loud and then save the email (or letter). I wish I had ALL of the reviews we've been fortunate enough to receive, but many of those early ones were lost…too many email server disasters and untimely Mac deaths. 

Here are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. More are available on each product's dedicated page. Thank you, to each of the dog loving people, who have taken the time to share how our products helped their dogs look and feel blissfully better. Again, THANK YOU!


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I feel pretty!
Frenchie owners should not do without these products
works great
Boxer heaven
Works amazing on my dog!
Amazing products!!
Nose butter "miracle"
Oscar’s nose
Super Cooper
Crusty nose
Best butter EVER
We're thrilled to know your Malamute's nose is doing better. Keep at it to keep that sniffer in shape and THANK YOU!!! -Kathy
Better Butter
Really Works!
You are so right, she must be more comfortable. I would notice if I had a big, ugly scab on my nose...ugh! Maintenance application can vary depending on time of the year or as she ages. Thank you so much for the sweet 5-star review. -Kathy
Happy yorkie
Thank you for letting us know. That is exactly what we love to hear - soft, shiny coat that is easy to comb. Win! Win! -Kathy
Soft and tons of bounce!
We have an office full of Mini-Aussie fans around here and they DO love a messy mud puddle romp. The Body & Bounce is a great shampoo for the texture of Aussie (big and small) coats. And thank YOU for letting us know! -Kathy
Great Product!
And we thank YOU for leaving us such a wonderful review. The Blissful Dog started with my French Bulldogs dry noses, but it didn't take long for my Bulldog friends to start clamoring for Nose Butter. Thank you! -Kathy
Loved the nose butter!
Thank you so much for letting us know how well her nose is doing! Check out our reviews on the front page of the website to see her in all her cuteness!
My little man Harley
I love this! You made our day! We have a soft spot for Chins around here and those perfect little faces need perfect noses. We thank YOU for taking the time to let us know how well Nose Butter did for your Chin.