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Bliss Bits | Reviews & Testimonials

The Blissful Dog Reviews & Testimonials

Years ago when The Blissful Dog first started online (as ONE PayPal button on a site built with Adobe GoLive), it was before Amazon revolutionized how we view the power of unbiased Reviews & Testimonials. I would get a glowing review read it, make the husband listen as I read it out loud and then save the email (or letter). I wish I had ALL of the reviews we've been fortunate enough to receive, but many of those early ones were lost…too many email server disasters and untimely Mac deaths. 

Here are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. More are available on each product's dedicated page. Thank you, to each of the dog loving people, who have taken the time to share how our products helped their dogs look and feel blissfully better. Again, THANK YOU!


Based on 3810 reviews
Dirty dog to show worthy

I ordered the Stinky Filthy Dog Shampoo and it smells amazing. The dogs look so shiny and got many compliments on their coats at our dog shows. I also used this shampoo with my litters and the families raved on how great they smelled. It doesn’t dry them out and you are left with dandruff. Definitely will be buying more but in the bigger size. I have finally found a shampoo that works perfectly.

Pug Age Well Dog Aromatherapy
Christina Whiting
Sophie Rose is a blissful pug!

Age Well Aromatherapy is really helpful with doggie anxiety and it smells lovely!

Your products work for my Frenchie!


Dachshund Boo Boo Butter
Samantha Medina
Helped tremendously!!

The boo boo butter works so good! I apply it on her chest and within a couple hours it’s so much better. There is no other product I would use on my fur baby Winni

Golden Retriever Nose Butter
Kate Dreher Wells
Nose Butter for Golden

Wonderful Service and Wonderful Product! Best Wishes for continued success!

Bulldog nose butter

The nose butter has really helped our bulldog’s dry, cracked nose. My only suggestion would be to put it it a tube or other container. The one it comes in is a little hard to open.

Works Great!

We've taken a couple of long road trips via car (3 and 2 hour trips without stops), and it has REALLY helped settle our Shiba Inu down. We found the spray and roller combo worked great when we hit start and stop traffic jams. Definitely keeping our car fully stocked.

Dogue de Bordeaux Nose Butter
Kristine Wenkman
Soft nose now!

So easy to use and great all natural product. His nose is perfect now.

Cane Corso Nose Butter
Kristine Wenkman
Great product

This has been amazing for my Cano Corso her nose is so much better!

Little Boo

Is a cavalier King Charles Sspaniel. He had that ugly crust on his nose and after using the Boo balm it fell off. The products are gentle and effective. Boo is a happy dog and now we can be a happy family. Thanks a lot!!

Very Happy With Results

This is our second order of elbow butter for our 11 year old yellow lab Barbie. The had bad elbow callouses. No hair. Red and cracked and bleeding sometimes. Twice daily applications helped the cracking and bleeding almost right away. Then, as time went by, the hair grew back. We experimented with a maintenance routine and have settled on once a day treatments. We couldn't be happier!

Vizsla Nose Butter

I thought my older Vizsla was just supposed to have an old crusty nose. This treatment has been easy to apply, Louie dog doesn't mind it at all, and his nose dryness is disappearing. He still had a young nose under there. Really glad I found this product.

Happy Frenchie

Our Frenchie no longer suffers from a dry nose and seems a lot happier

This is a easy to use quality product. Unfortunately it has not stopped my hairless dog from excessively licking his legs and feet.

Boo-boo butter is a high-quality product that Helps keep dry skin hydrated and does help reduce itching. Unfortunately my dog has persistent allergies, but this product has helped improve his skin quality.

Great product

My dobie puppy’s nose was cracking and this resolved it in about 3 days! Love that it’s a more natural product! I will definitely be purchasing more products from this company

Puppy Packs Combo
Brandy Williams-lowe
Love all their products

I love the smell of all their products and they work wonders on our dirty dogs ❤️🐶❤️ and I should know we have 8!!!

Amazing Product

I have used the Paw Butter on my pups paws and it has helped so much definitely recommend 10/10

Best products for our Wheaten!

We needed a hydrating shampoo/conditioner that would make our Wheaten’s coat smooth, silky, and shiny. These products work amazing AND smell wonderful! Extremely happy and will continue to purchase!

Yorkie shampoo and Boston terrier shampoo

My dogs looks nice and soft with shampoo and spray that I spray on them thankyou for having me kelli terpenning

Mastiff Nose Butter
Venus Monyhan
Nose Butter

Love this product. Makes Elvis' nose soft and is easy to apply.

Bye Bye Bug Spray
Bug off spray

Another fabulous product that totally works. My boxers smell so good and aren’t bothered by any insects. I live in Fl and we are in overload this time of year. Your company is so awesome and you put out products that smell wonderful and they work. We also use the nose butter and it makes their noses so soft. Thank you for everything you do for all of our pets to help their lives on this earth. ❤️

Pawsitively Fantastic

After years of buying and trying and dumping ear cleaning products this is "The One". She actually let me apply drops to the other ear without tossing her head back and forth. Pleasing scent and left no gunk on fur around the ears. Dries clean and fast.
Thank you for the way you car for the animals. It's remarkable!

Collie Nose Butter
Michele Grant
Sweet sniffer

Very happy! His nose looks so much better🙂

No H20 Spray Pet Shampoo
Nancy Coddington
No more stinky!

The No H2O spray shampoo is what I needed for my disabled dog. He has to wear wraps so it's not easy for frequent regular baths. Will definitely purchase again. I also purchased some elbow butter. They weren't really callused but red. It did seem to help. Nose butter is awesome too! Love your products!!