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Bliss Bits | Reviews & Testimonials

The Blissful Dog Reviews & Testimonials

Years ago when The Blissful Dog first started online (as ONE PayPal button on a site built with Adobe GoLive), it was before Amazon revolutionized how we view the power of unbiased Reviews & Testimonials. I would get a glowing review read it, make the husband listen as I read it out loud and then save the email (or letter). I wish I had ALL of the reviews we've been fortunate enough to receive, but many of those early ones were lost…too many email server disasters and untimely Mac deaths. 

Here are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. More are available on each product's dedicated page. Thank you, to each of the dog loving people, who have taken the time to share how our products helped their dogs look and feel blissfully better. Again, THANK YOU!


Based on 3649 reviews
Great shampoo

My dogs stopped shedding and are still clean for two English bulldogs who love to be dirty!!!

That's what we LOVE to hear! After having had Frenchies for decades, I know how the Bully breeds love to wallow. But they are so cute, we have to laugh! -Kathy

Bug Off Spray
Lynne Mikkelsen
happy spray

got the spray to keep bugs off my dog when I get the bottle off the shelf she actually comes over to get sprayed!!! certainly makes easy work of keeping the mosquitoes off my girl

We LOVE helping keep those nasty mosquitoes away from your girl. Makes her happy and us happy to know! Thank you for the lovely review! -Kathy

Smooth Elbows

Thankyou this soothed and healed my Keisha and Chevy up really nice

Thank YOU for taking the time to let us know how Paw Butter worked for Keisha and Chevy! -Kathy

Pug Nose Butter
Jennifer Rule
Good product

My 14 yr old pugs nose had a dry ridge on it, and after using this product about 4-5 times, her nose stays more moisturized.

We're thrilled to hear your senior sweet Pug has a softer, smoother nose now. Fourteen years old is a true testament to the care you've lavished on her. She's a fortunate Pug! -Kathy

Sweet, smooth nose

My Frenchie puppy gets in to a lot items when I am not looking!! The nose butter keeps her nose clean, smooth and healthy.

I have a feeling YOU are getting into as much trouble as she is...maybe more! Give your wife and that sweet puppy a BIG hug and a kiss from us! Love y'all! -Kathy

Ear Cleanser

Simple to use and keeps my frenchie’s ear clean! Pet friendly product!

My team laughed at me when I named our ear cleaner Simply Clean Ear Cleaner. But that's what I wanted...something to clean dogs ears. We'll have to figure out a way for her to have a play date with Larkan and Cinnabar! Love, Kathy

Lust Buster Butter
Lori Knott
Blissful dog

This product and this company is amazing.

No, YOU'RE amazing! Amazing for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review. Thank you! Thank you! _Kathy

Works great

Wish I had taken a before picture in just a month Herman’s elbows have remarkably improved
Would recommend 100%

If I had a dollar for every time someone told us they wish they had taken a before picture I would have a whole lotta dollars! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, it means a lot!


Our Germanhusketriever is Blissed Out!

Our sweet Chloe has recently been battling a very dry, grumpy snout for the first time in her 11 years. I started using the Siberian Husky nose butter, and within three days, we were already seeing a significant improvement. Hooray! We love and highly recommend this product!!

That is excellent news! As I have gotten older I realized it is true...getting older is not for sissies! Chloe is fortunate to have you to look out for her. Thank you for. letting us know how the Butter worked for her. -Kathy

Love the products

Very nice. Worked well on her pads.

Thank you so much for letting us know! -Kathy

French Bulldog Tube Combo
Sue Sutherland

love the products! Great for cleaning his face and wrinkles. Love the boo boo butter, flat face wash, and. nose. butter👍👍👍.

Thank you so much for the great review! We love hearing how each and every dog is doing with our products. BIG HUgs to your Frenchie boy from all of us! -Kathy

Can Humans Use This, Too?

We received a tin of balm on a 95 degree day. The balm was not affected by the heat. I had been concerned that the balm would arrive in a partially liquified state after being transported in a hot delivery truck. If you live in TX, don’t hesitate to order it this summer. I just applied the balm for a second time the day after the first application. Our lab/golden mix’s elbow callouses already felt like skin instead of the crust of a loaf of sour dough bread. I’m impressed with the balm’s absorbency into the callouses. So, in my part of TX some of us wear open shoes year round. Can I use this balm on my heels? ;>)

My apologies for the delay in my reply, no excuses. Yes! Yes! Yes! You can use any of our products. Our ingredients come from cosmetics and bath and body resources and are perfectly fine for people to use. All of us here use almost every product. I can promise the butters feel like heaven on Texas summer feet! -Kathy

It works! Woohoo!

It really does work! Thank you so, so much! My Roxie's nose is so much better. It was only just starting so I was able to keep it from getting any worse. It was just the edge of one side. Now it's all gone and back to being soft & wet! Thank you

We're so glad you caught it early and were able to get that dreaded nose crud under control FAST. Thank YOU for letting us know! -Kathy


It really does work! Thank you so, so much! My Roxie's nose is so much better. It was only just starting so I was able to keep it from getting any worse. It was just the edge of one side. Now it's all gone and back to being soft & wet! Thank you!

Apologies if this comes thru twice - had a power blip and I don't think it saved all the way the first time. Anyway, back to what's important, Roxie's nose! We're thrilled you caught it early and got it under control before it spread. Maintenance is always easier to keep up with. Thank you again! -Kathy

I have 2 frenchies and they absolutely adore this for their little paws ❤️.

I have the cutest mental picture of y'all have Frenchie Fun Time and them getting their paw massages. Oh, the fun of spoiling our Frenchies. It's part fo the fun of having a dog, isn't it? -Kathy

Absolutely love this product!

My dogs love this shampoo it’s always super sensitive and leaves my frenchies smelling the best! 💜

Thank you, thank you for leaving such a lovely review! And the picture is just perfect...again, thank you! -Kathy

Shared Bliss and it works

It has been a while, since my purchase of the Chinese Crested Tube Combo and after thorough "testing": Now is the time for a review.

Boo Boo Butter is really helpful, if my CC decided to wriggle around all of a sudden with a clipper at work. The cuts don't seem to bother her, but I applied some butter anyway. It healed really well, compared to an untreated cut.

The paw butter makes her pads amazingly smooth like nothing else. Only problem: It seems to be too tasty and I have to fight her quick tongue for a while.

Bug off butter smells really good (to the human nose at least. I didn't ask the actual testers 😉). No bugs in sight during our first bicycle tour of the year.
Our frontseat drivers were visibly happy during the journey, as visible on the photo. Even in the forest or on paths through the fields the insects stayed out of their faces.

The nose butter is just lying around 😅 I don't know a single dog around here, who needs it. But maybe I'll need it in the future? The reviews are praising it after all.

And the last tube went to my mother's dog, a min pin-senior, who suffers from awfully dry elbows. He lost all hair and the skin is scaly like a lizards. Despite my mom not using the butter on the regular, her boy's skin got a lot better already.

Overall these are great products, which DO work. The custom combo options are also just perfect. Both for testing and to get just what you need.

We and our doggos love it 💖
Thank you and greetings from Germany~

Thank you, thank you for such a thorough review! And the picture of them in the bicycle melted my heart! You can use the Nose Butter on their paws, no reason to let it sit there...waiting to fulfill its life mission. Plus, on Cresteds, you can use any of the butters as a body butter also. We have a lot of Crested and Xolo clients who love the products for head to toe! Again, thank you for the review and my apologies for being tardy in my response. -Kathy PS - I repped a clothing line many years ago and went to Germany every month for a year or so. I absolutely loved your beautiful country and the kindness of everyone I met! Thanks for bringing some fun memories up to be enjoyed!

Scottish Terrier Nose Butter
Theron E. Stuber
Ruff nose and dry !

Seems to be working nose almost normal again !

Thank you for letting us know! That is what we like to hear! -Kathy

Thank you!

Our 2 Cockers, Holly and Rosie- sisters, their little noses are getting better and better Thanks again guys!!🐈🐈🙏

Thank YOU for letting us know how Holly and Rosie and doing! Happy Cocker noses make us SMILE! -Kathy

French Bulldog Tube Combo
Callie Richardson-Fuller
Awesome product

This product is awesome and the only one I will use on my French Bulldog! The nose and paw butter really help. I also have 2 other ones that came in my combo pack that I haven’t got to use yet. The nose butter really helped with my frenchies dry nose and the paw butter really helped her stop licking her paws. This is an awesome product highly recommended!

Thank you, thank you for the review. As an FYI, you can use the Elbow BUtter on their paws if you wish, it will work great on them. Same for the Boo Boo Butter - use as needed. -Kathy

Boxer Nose Butter
Jane Clark

My boxers nose was so rough and dry…he looked pitiful but after using your product, his nose became black, moist and shiny again. This stuff is magic! Prince thanks you and so do I!

Smiling Puppies

Your paw butter is amazing. We have 2 French Mastiff’s snd they tend to get sores in between their toes but this relieves them and it is really an awesome product,

Thank you, thank you! We have a soft spot for your breed here and it always puts extra pep in my step to know our products help make your and their lives a bit better! And the pictures are delightful! A BIG thank you for them! -Kathy PS - Apologies for being late on my thank you...ugh, I just got behind.

Bulldog Nose Butter
Karianne Greene
Worked in 3 days!!!

I have a 170 lb Bullmastiff who has multiple skin problems. I have tried everything on his nose with very little results. This worked in 3 days (6 applications). Each application I could see improvement and crusty skin was flaking off. By the 6 application his nose was perfect. I was so impressed I ordered more products for his other skin irritations.

Thank you, thank you for letting us know. We're thrilled our products worked so well! And those pictures absolutely made my day. As a little kid I remember my dad telling us how Bullmastiffs were the perfect dog. He would go on and on, but we never had one. I suppose there were not many in rural Mississippi in the early 1960s. -Kathy PS - My apologies for the delay in thank you. I just flat got behind...on almost everything.

Best product ever!

My little pomeranian has had the crusty nose for 2 YEARS because nothing has worked- and within 2 days IM NOT KIDDING all the crusties were GONE! get this product it is amazing

Thank you, thank you! We all have Pom crushes here and are tickled your Pom is looking and feeling their best. -Kathy PS - Sorry it took me a bit to say thank you, I got behind on everything.

Nose butter

Excellent product. This is the second pot that we have ordered and it keeps our dog's nose moist. We use it once a day as the dog tends to bury her nose in the ground while sniffing and loves eating mud.

I would love to see a regal German Shepherd digging in the dirt and mud pie snacking! Thank you for letting us know how well Nose Butter has worked. -Kathy - PS - Sorry it took me a bit to say thank you, I got behind on everything.