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Bliss Tips | Surviving the 4th of July With Your Dog

dog afraid of fireworks

Your Dog's Least Favorite Day of the Year

Fireworks & Dogs UGH

Most people in the USA look forward to the 4th of July. But for many dog owners it is a day to be dreaded. If your dog is triggered by fireworks or loud noises, you probably dread the 4th. For years Steve and I lived on a lake that was fireworks central for the area and it was as stressful as you might imagine!

With some planning and a bit of preparation you can sail through the 4th with a minimum amount of stress and anxiety. Full transparency...we do not have a magic potion that melts all of your dog's fear away and has them romping around the park or lake as fireworks explode. We do offer our tried and true Relax Dog Aromatherapy which soothes the ragged edges of your dog's fear and helps calm them down enough to survive the holiday.

Download our EZ 4th of July Prep Checklist to help make that dreaded day more blissful - Download Here. Opens in new window.

#1 Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

  • Determine a Designated Dog Watcher if your dog is extremely terrified of fireworks and yes, they will be dedicated to the dog for the 4th
  • Have treats for distraction available for the Dog Watcher and the dog
  • Have a tag for your dog with your current contact info on it and make sure their collar fits. Check out Bad Tags- we love 'em!
  • Or make a temporary DIY tag with your weekend address and contact info DIRECTIONS HERE
  • Microchip your dog and/or register them with one of the many lost pet programs now available, PetHub is a good one
  • Be sure you have Relax Dog Aromatherapy on hand

#2 For the Day of the 4th (or Expected Fireworks)

  • The Designated Dog Watcher should be confirmed
  • Keep your dog inside the entire time frame that fireworks are going
  • For potty breaks, keep your dog on leash, even inside a fenced yard and make them quick
  • Start using Relax Dog Aromatherapy as soon as you hear the first Pop of fireworks
  • As the fireworks start turn the tv on, try the dog channel, HGTV, anything with bland talking
  • Shut windows and turn on the air conditioning
  • Use a noisy fan for additional white noise
  • If your dog is used to a crate, have it available for them, but don't force them into the crate if they resist

#3 Additional Tips for Surviving the 4th of July

Start applying Relax Dog Aromatherapy at the first sign of fireworks or 15 minutes before the scheduled start. Use as needed throughout the fireworks. Spray Relax on first, from ears back and allow it to settle over your dog. Or if you prefer, apply the Roll-on as directed. Sit with your dog a bit and comfort them as they settle in. Use Relax Dog Aromatherapy with any compression garments, calming supplements etc. you may also be trying. 

I'm not going to end this post with a cheery, "Enjoy the 4th," that would be unrealistic. Relax is not a doggie downer and will not drug your dog, but it will help calm them down enough to allow you and them to survive the 4th unscathed.

And for most of us, that is enough!

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