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american eskimo dog

Everything Blissful For Your American Eskimo 

Your Eskie is probably a pretty hardy and healthy little dog. But even the healthiest of dogs occasionally has a dry nose, rough paws, minor skin irritations or emotional issues.

Featuring American Eskimo Labels

  • Nose Butter®
  • Boo Boo Butter
  • Relax Dog Aromatherapy
  • Age Well Dog Aromatherapy
  • Gentle Touch Dog Soap

Recommended for Your American Eskimo 

  • Paw Butter
  • Body & Bounce Shampoo
  • Rich Bitch Shampoo
  • Flawless Finish Conditioner
  • Shine-on + Sheen! De-Tangler & Coat Spray

But First - Fun American Eskimo Factoids 

  • There is actually no connection to native Eskimo tribes at all! They were originally called German Spitz dogs, but the names was changed during WW I & WW II.
  • In the early 1800s the American Eskimo (or White Spitz as they were called) were popular circus performing dogs and traveled the USA under the big tent.
  • They are found in three sizes - Toy, Mini & Standard and range from 10-40 pounds.

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