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What is it about Pug's that reduces us mere mortals to a puddle of Pug loving smiles? To enhance your Pug shopping, we've gathered up all of our Pug products onto one Perfect Pug Portal Page (stop me with the alliteration!). And we've got a LOT of Pug labeled products, who can resist those faces - not me! Plus, a few goodies you may want to consider that don't technically have a Pug on the label are also presented.

Pug Factoids

  1. Pugs are believe to have originated in China as early as 400 BC. Buddhist monks kept Pugs as pets in Tibetan monasteries.
  2. A group of Pugs is called a Grumble
  3. In 1572 a Pug named Pompey saved the Prince of Orange from assassination and to this day Pugs are the official dog of the House of Orange in The Netherlands
  4. Queen Victoria was so smitten with her Pugs she banned the barbaric practice of ear cropping. The fashion at that time was a small pointy cropped ear.