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Here at The Blissful Dog we believe in everything being EZPZ and hopefully FUN. To help you shop efficiently and get on with the important stuff, like feeding your Maltese treats, taking your Maltese for a walk and probably brushing your Maltese, we have gathered everything dedicated to your Maltese's health we offer here on one easy portal shopping page.

Your Maltese wants me to remind you about the feeding them extra treats with your extra time...

NOSE BUTTER® for dry noses, PAW BUTTER for rough paw pads, ELBOW BUTTER for those frustrating elbow calluses, BOO BOO BUTTER for itchy skin irritations, scratches and such. Plus, our complete line of mental and emotional well-being products. RELAX, AGE WELL & FOCUS Dog Aromatherapy.

Plus, with the launch of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection we now offer everything blissful for your dog's bath and body needs. Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.

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By the way, did you know the Maltese actually DID originate on the Isle of Malta, off the coat of Italy. Back in the day, the Isle of Malta (Melitae) was a hot spot for early traders and travelers. As was the practice back then, little dogs were kept on the boats to keep the vermin under control. Thankfully, the Maltese now enjoys more glamorous work! Like sitting on a pillow and being your best friend.