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Japanese Chin

 Japanese Chin Collection for Your Elegant Little Dog

Our Shopping Portal page showcases everything that features the Japanese Chin  on the label, plus, other products that may benefit your Japanese Chin. 

Featuring the Japanese Chin on Labels

  • Custom Essential Care Combo
  • Nose Butter® for dry noses
  • Boo Boo Butter for itchy skin irritations
  • Relax Dog Aromatherapy for stressed Japanese Chin
  • Age Well Dog Aromatherapy for Senior Japanese Chin
  • Gentle Touch Puppy Bar Soap

Recommended For Your Japanese Chin

  • Paw Butter for rough, dry paws
  • Rich Bitch Dog Shampoo
  • Shine-On+Sheen! Coat Spray
  • Body & Bounce Dog Shampoo
  • Flawless Finish Dog Conditioner
  • Simply Clean Ear Cleaner

A Few Japanese Chin Historical Tidbits...

DID YOU KNOW? The Japanese Chin was often displayed in ornate bird cages, hung in the royal palaces as works of royal art.

Japan had closed trade doors for hundreds of years until Commodore Matthew C. Perry visited in the 1850s. He left with a ship load of wonderful products AND three pair of Japanese Chin. 

In the later 1850s trade flourished from Japan to the West and with it, so did trade in the various Japanese breeds of dogs. 

Britain's Queen Alexandra, who was married to King Edward VII was smitten with the Japanese Chin. She was devoted to the breed and was always surrounded by her beloved Japanese Spaniel's (as they were called). This paved the way for the Japanese Chin to be the darling of royalty and the wealthy both.