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italian greyhound


The Italian Greyhound boats a history that stretches more than two thousand years. Small Greyhound skeletons have been uncovered in Greece and Turkey that date over 2000 years! Probably originally bred as hunters of small prey, such as rabbits, their small size allowed them to be kept alive and well with minimal food needed. Not only were they the ideal small sighthound, of course, they were also loving pets.

When travel became easier during the Middle Ages (comparatively so, that is), the small Greyhounds soon traveled with their owners to Italy. Their swift rise in popularity led to their being known as the Italian Greyhound, which is still used.

Popular with nobility and the upper classes, many Italian Greyhounds were painted often wit their owners, by the top artists of their time.

Left: The Vision of St. Eustace by Pisanello, 1438-42 (Wikipedia 2012), by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (French rococo painter, 1686-1755), Huntsman with a Whippet, by Edward Haytley (English, active ca. 1740-1764), Catherine the Great with an Italian Greyhound named Zemire, the Poet, Alphonse de Lamartine (1790 – 1869), and his italian greyhounds, Princess Mary and her Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound art

Now, of course, the Italian Greyhound is adored by all, not just the nobility. Their sleek good looks and loving, velcro-dog personality makes them a favorite of those who have been lucky enough to get to know this breed. Plus, they are active enough to be involved in outdoor activities. Many an IG (or IGGY) can be seen jogging beside their fit (or trying to get fit) owners.

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