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Chesapeake Bay Retriever history

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A Ship Wrecked in the Chesapeake Bay and So Began The Story of Today's Chessie

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a back story that sounds like the plot of a movie. In 1807 a ship wrecked off the shore of Maryland. Two puppies a boy, named Sailor, and a girl, Canton, were rescued from the Chesapeake Bay and went on to form the backbone of the breed.

The two dogs lived in different parts of the bay and were crossed with local dogs in the attempt to producer the finest retrieving dog. It was thought they were Newfoundlands, but they actually descended from the St. John's Water Dog of Canada. By 1877 there were three more or less consistent types of Chesapeake Bay Ducking Dogs (and you thought Chesapeake Bay Retriever was a long name). By 1928 one type, today's Chesapeake Bay Retriever was accepted by AKC.