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Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon flower crowns

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Born To Be Spoiled

Everything you want for the Bodaciously Blissful Brussels Griffon in your life.

Of course, we are all about making life easier and if we can put everything you need for your Griff on one page - well, here ya go!

Featuring Brussels Griffon on the Labels

Full Disclosure, after years of being enamored by smooth Brussels Griffons I have one in my lap! Shann's Shamrock at Jackpot! aka Larccán (means Little Wild One in Old Irish) joined our family in July of 2019. His breeder is a long time friend of mine who also has bred top winning French Bulldogs for decades (I make us sound old-she's not!). Shann's Brussels Griffons & Frenchies is her kennel prefix. You might spy him in some of the product photos...

The 3 Faces of Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon actually has three different types, the Griffon Bruxellois (rough), the Griffon Belge (black or red and black) and the Petit Brabançon (smooth). In the USA we call them all Brussels Griffon, regardless of coat color or type, in the UK they are all called Griffon Bruxellois, again, regardless of coat color or type.

But the FCI differentiates them as such: The Griffon Bruxellois or red Griffon; The black, black & tan and red mixed with black, or Griffon Belge (black) Griffon Belge (black & Tan) and The Petit Brabancon (red), or smooth-coated Griffon that may differ in no other way except color and coat.

Confused? I am. But one thing I am sure matter what the various kennel clubs call the Brussels Griffon, I call them delightful!