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dog chakras

Overview of Dog Chakra Energy Centers

Dog Chakra Overview

dog nose chakra

Nose Chakra Energy

Energy: Assimilation of information center, enhances inner knowledge

Balanced Nose Chakra
• Allows your dog to receive & process info via their 125,000-300,000 scent glands

Underactive Nose Chakra
• May present as a dry, crusty, cracked nose
• Causes stress and frustration to your dog due to their not being able to access info properly

Overactive Nose Chakra
• The dog who never stops sniffing, often to the point of obsession
• May sniff humans inappropriately (that dog)

Dogs that have been historically bred to follow a trail will have a more developed Nose Chakra hardwired into their DNA. This is different from an overactive Nose Chakra.

shiba uni paws

Paw Chakra Power

Energy:Connection to nature and the earth, feeling grounded. Kicking dirt both releases pent up energy and connects them to earth.

Kicking dirt/grass is also often tied to elimination and scent marking. Dogs imprint their unique ID via the scent they kick out.

Balanced Paw Chakras
• Are grounded
• Are connected to nature
• Energetically balanced

Underactive Paw Chakras
• Unsure
• Anxious
• Feels lost
• Often holds a paw up to convey their submission

Overactive Paw Chakras
• Cocky
• Bullies others

corgi duo

Tail Chakra Energy

Energy: Tail wagging aligns energy and clears blocks

Balanced Tail Chakra
• Chakras stay aligned
• Energy flows clearly
• Energetically balanced

Underactive Tail Chakra
• Insecure
• Anxious
• Poor communication skills

Overactive Tail Chakra
• Overly confident
• Intimidating

Dogs Born Without Tails
• Wiggle entire area (see Corgi)
• Lack of a tail may cause difficulty communicating. Other dogs may misinterpret their motives. 

Pembroke Cardigans are born with no tails and their cousins, the Cardigans, have long, sweeping tails.

Boxer Dog Chakras

Crop or Not? Dock or Don't?

Cropping and docking dog ears and tails has been discussed, argued and fought about for decades. Instead of cosmetics or tradition, we shall view this issue energetically.

Dogs use their tails to convey a range of emotions and social cues. From the high, fast tail wag of an uncertain greeting to the fast, whole-hearted let's play hello.

Without a tail many dogs are at a disadvantage in expression their emotions. This seems to affect dogs with docked tails more than dogs born tail-less.

Dogs With Docked Tails
• They are missing a body part they were genetically meant to have
• Poor communication may cause frustration, insecurity or increased aggression

dog ear chakra info

Ear Chakra Center

Energy:Connection, communication

Timid dogs may pull their ears down to show submission. Curious dogs pull their ears up to show interest. Angry dogs pull ears back to look more fierce.

Balanced Ear Chakras
Pick up sounds appropriately
Reactions are appropriate
• Conveysconfidence

Underactive Ear Chakras
Agitated & anxious

Overactive Ear Chakras
Over-reacts to sounds
• Skittish and jumpy

Cropped Ears
Cropping ears alters a dog's communication tools, thus inhibiting proper interaction with other dogs.

Plus, there is the discomfort of the taping/bracing process to force the ears to look a certain way. This is done while they are in formative puppy stages.

french bulldog on back

Root Chakra Center of Confidence

Energy: Feeling at home, comfortable in their own skin, grounded

Balanced Root Chakra 
• Feels safe, secure and grounded
• Protective, but not too territorial
• Trusts People
• Confident

Underactive Root Chakra 
• Nervous
• Tense
• Timid

Overactive Root Chakra 
• Guards toys, food or their person
• Greedy
• Over-reacts
• Picks/starts altercations

Canine Root Chakras is different from the Tail Chakra. The Tail Chakra is the communication center and geared towards others. The Root Chakra is geared toward the dog's self-esteem and confidence.

woman loving senior pug

Emotional Balance Sacral Chakra Center

Energy: Center of feelings and emotions

Balanced Sacral Chakra 
• Expresses feeling appropriately
• Open to affection & accepting love

Underactive Sacral Chakra 
Not affectionate
• Lacks warmth 
• Doesn’t show emotions
• Stiff

Overactive Sacral Chakra 
Overly emotional, even hyper
• Prone to separation anxiety
• Clingy and needy
• May be overly attached to people
• Emotions may be too intense and overwhelming

bull terrier

Solar Plexus Chakra Keeping Equilibrium

Energy:Appropriate dynamic within a group of dogs aka plays well with others

Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra 
Confident canine
• Dog feels in control appropriately (like Goldilocks-just right)

Underactive Solar Plexus Chakra 
• Skittish
• Timid

Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra 
• Bossy
• Pushy
• Intimidating
• Can be a handful to control

golden retriever happy

Heart Chakra

Energy:Love, kindness & affection

Balanced Heart Chakra 
• Loving & Friendly
• Delightful to live with

Underactive Heart Chakra 
• Emotionally cold
• Keeps distance emotionally

Overactive Heart Chakra 
The ConundrumIn people, an Overactive Heart Chakra is loving indiscriminately, lacking proper boundaries, tolerating others, being a people-pleaser, etc.

The same qualities, when applied to our dogs, are often used to describe them positively and are part of their core dogness. To be revisited!

Balancing Your Dog's Chakras
barking beagle

Throat Chakra

Energy:self-expression and being heard

Balanced Throat Chakra 
• Expresses themselves properly
• Makes needs known 
• Gets point across

Underactive Throat Chakra 
• Timid
• Shy
• Introverted

Overactive Throat Chakra 
• Bark, Bark, Bark
• Bark, Bark, Bark
• Bark, Bark, Bark

confident corgi

Third Eye Chakra

Energy: insight, self-knowledge and visualization

Balanced Third Eye Chakra 
• Enjoys people
• People fall in love with this dog 
• Dogs fall in love with this dog

Underactive Third Eye Chakra 
• Doesn’t think on their own
• Relies on their person too much
• Becomes confused easily

Overactive Third Eye Chakra 
• Tends to live in a doggie fantasyland
• Play, Play, Play
• Play, Play, Play

great pyrenees

Crown Chakra

Energy: Ability to access universal "Dog wisdom" and being comfortable in the world

Balanced Crown Chakra 
• Aware of the world around them
• Understands their place in the world
• Intuitively know mysteries of dog life

Underactive Third Eye Chakra 
• Never fits in
• Other dogs won’t play with them
• People are not drawn to them

Overactive Third Eye Chakra 
• High-strung, wound-tight, PITA
• Worry, Fret, Worry
• Anxious