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newfoundland puppy


The Newfoundland Dog is a treasure to live with. We were honored to share our hearts with a Newfie named Deuce, and we still treasure those memories. I know your Newfie is just as loved and adored.

This page acts as a portal to everything Newfie found on The Blissful Dog, plus a few other goodies you may wish to consider for your Newfie's Care Kit.

NOSE BUTTER® for dry noses, PAW BUTTER for rough paw pads, ELBOW BUTTER for those frustrating elbow calluses, BOO BOO BUTTER for itchy skin irritations, scratches and such. Plus, our complete line of mental and emotional well-being products. RELAX, AGE WELL & FOCUS Dog Aromatherapy.

Plus, with the launch of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection we now offer everything blissful for your dog's bath and body needs. Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.

dog shampoo all natural


Newfie's coats are usually the classic black or Landseer (black and white), but there are bronze Newfies.

Newfies do not eat as much as you may think, as they have a slower metabolism. I feel your pain, Newfies, I am the same way...

Newfies also make excellent apartment dogs, IF the apartment is big enough for them to spread out. Their lower exercise needs and aforementioned slower metabolism makes them a great urban dog...especially for an older dog.

While the Newfoundland dog is know for his water rescue and swimming abilities, not every Newfie loves to swim and some have to be taught. Our Newfie, Deuce did not like to swim and we lived on a lake! Go figure!