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Bull Terriers

Everything Blissful For Your Bull Terrier

All you need to have your Bull Terrier looking and feeling good is right here...

Featuring Bull Terrier Labels

  • Nose Butter®
  • Boo Boo Butter
  • Relax Dog Aromatherapy
  • Gentle Touch Dog Soap

Recommended for Your Bull Terrier

  • Paw Butter
  • Rich Bitch Dog Shampoo
  • Dirty Dirrrtty Dog Shampoo
  • Bye Bye Boo Boo Shampoo
  • Bye Bye Boo Boo Spray
  • Simply Clean Ear Cleaner

A Few Fun Factoids About Bull Terriers

The Bull Terrier is the only registered breed to have triangle shaped eyes.  

OCD MUCH? Bull Terriers are more prone to Obsessive Personality Disorders than any other breed, with German Shepherds a close second. Tail chasing, shadow chasing, compulsive pacing are all signs of Canine OCD. Some Bull Terrier have even militated their tails or caused sores from bumping as they spin. Keep your Bully busy so they are tired and please, try RELAX Dog Aromatherapy for your Bull Terrier. 

TARGET DOG (Did You Read That in the Commercial Voice?)

Bullseye, the Target dog, has been in commercials since 1999, so yeah, there has been more than one Target dog. BUT, Target isn't telling just how many! By the way, Bullseye always flies First Class, as it should be!

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