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Nose Butter FAQs, Info & Magic

All the Scoop

Nose Butter is an uber-moisturizing conditioner for your dog's nose. First the lighter oils soak in and bring fast relief, next the medium weight oils are absorbed adding a layer of deeper moisturizing and then the heavy-duty butters melt into your dog's nose, bringing extra relief and moisturizing oomph.

This is why using any one of the ingredients helps…some, but not for long. The layers of complimentary oils and butters work together to make Nose Butter moisturize like crazy, well, that and the magic we infuse into each batch. Now I feel like a Keebler elf.

Each and every tin and tube of Nose Butter® is made by The Blissful Dog, right here in far northern Minnesota.

We individually handcraft every single container of Nose Butter. Each single tin and tube is hand-poured, one-by-one and labeled individually.

Nick Kelzer, our CFO, shows how to pour a batch of Nose Butter. That is Bryson, Ashley, our COO, and Nick's son when he was just a few months old.

Bryson is 18 months old now and tears around the office, showing us all how to unscrew the lids from the tins.

Nose Butter® is Non-Toxic with No Active ingredients. Safe if ingested.

We use all natural and organic ingredients sourced from human-grade, cosmetics suppliers.

No harm to your dog if they lick or swallow some. Because we all know...dogs are gonna lick!

Yes, you can use any of our products on yourself. We sure do!

We openly share the ingredients; shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter.  More ingredients info here.

All the different dog breed labels are to make y'all smile. Our business would be a lot easier if we had one shiny nose label in eight sizes, instead keeping up with 10,000 different label templates. But it wouldn't be as much fun!

Nose Butter for your Chihuahua is the exact same asNose Butter for your Mastiff. It's the same recipe, identical formulation, just different labels. Having different breed labels allows us to customize your Nose Butter with your dog's breed. It's for fun! More info here.

Nose Butter® is non-toxic, with no active ingredients, just oils, butters and fats.

Just like people, dogs can have a sensitivity to a particular ingredient. It is possible for any dog, human or other creature to have an individual sensitivety to an individual ingredient.

While most dogs (and people) are not bothered by any of these non-reactive ingredients, of course there may be an exception. If your dog is having an issue with any product, stop using it.

We also make no claims to have a nut-free production environment. 

Occasionally someone tells us the product was denser or harder than they thought it would be. They were expecting something fluffier or softer like a cream or lotion.

For products to work on a dog's thick nose leather it HAS to be dense enough to stay on their nose and get the job done.

Our butters melt quickly at body temperature. Our solution is low-tech, but gets the job done. Just use a spoon to dig a bit out and warm it in the palm of your hand.

Rubbing it in your palm will warm it up and make it easier to apply.

Or stick it in your pocket/bra to warm it. Not only does this make it easier to apply, that also makes it faster and your dog has less time to get worked up or stressed.

nick kelzer cfo blissful dog

Nose Butter Application

#1 Tip - Warm product before application for faster absorption

• To warm; stick in your pocket, bra, or scoop some out & warm in palm

• Open the tin or tube

• Gently control your dog's face (jowls, side of face or under their chin)

• Don't use a head-lock - that is a big trigger

• Tag Team - have someone hold & you apply

• (Tin) Scoop a bit out appropriate to the size of your dog’s nose

• Dab it on their nose (doesn't have to be precise)

• You do not have to rub it in, it will melt quickly, especially if you warmed it up a bit

• Distract to keep them from licking or rubbing it off

• Repeat 2-3x a day for 1-3 days or until nose is back in shape

• Then use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

• Give a cookie or treat before, during and after application

• Cuddles, pets, repeat as needed

• Feed their dinner (with extra yummies)

• Play your dog's fave game

• Throw a ball

• Go for a walk

• Pet them, lavish praise on them for their overall good dog-ness

• TIP! Not only does something positive (cookies) take their mind off having something done to them, it also build an association between GOOD STUFF and Nose Butter application.


One of the BEST TIPS EVER is to warm the product before application (put in pocket, bra or rub in your palm).

Warming it up allows Nose Butter to be absorbed much more quickly, which means less time for you to hold onto your dog. And less time for them to lick it off before it can get to work. WIN! WIN!

• Apply as outlined above

• After 2-3 days of multiple daily application, test the crusty stuff with a bit of tissue and see if it will rub off

• If it does NOT crumble right off (it will look like black, greasy dirt), keep applying Nose Butter 2-3x a day until it easily, without picking, comes off.

• Resist the urge to pick as tempting as it may be.

• Apply 2-3x weekly or as needed

The crusty stuff is actually skin and hurts your dog if you pick it off, just like us pulling a scab off a skinned knee too soon.

Bully and flat-faced breeds already have compromised breathing systems due to one of the very things that makes them so adorable...their flat faces.

Nature tells them to keep their breathing open and unrestricted, so when they are controlled by you to apply Nose Butter, they resist. They are trying to protect their breathing!

Toy breeds know they are small and will struggle if held too tightly.

Any dog can be triggered by being held tightly or controlled. This may come from puppy play, when they wrestle and play-fight. It's not fun for dogs (or us) to have siblings pile on and make us feel helpless. (I'm looking at my three sisters).

When we hold our dogs tightly they might remember that feeling and try to get away.

Also, keep the mood upbeat and fun. Make a game of applying Nose Butter and follow it up with treats and most dogs can be won over.

Most animals have two available methods of defense - fight or flight. Some instinctively prefer one to the other, but they like to have both options open. Gazelle try to run, as fighting won't stop a lion.

Many dogs will go for flight first. The good old "Run Away! Run Away." But our Bully and Mastiff breeds have generations of stand your ground fight bred into them and they will wage war to keep that option open.

Also, the Bully temperament has its own level of "I am the Bully Boss of All I Survey."If they feel over-powered or held down, they may struggle.

Of course, not every Bully dog is that strong willed. Some will roll over on their backs and giggle.

If possible allow your dog to be standing when you apply Nose Butter (or any of the Butters). That gives them a sense of being in control and having options.

Think how a farrier shoes a horse. The horse thinks they are in control and can run, if need be.

If you stop using Nose Butter, the crust will probably eventually come back.

Remember, this is a condition, which means there is no CURE for Nasal Hyperkeratosis.

Think of it as moisturizing or using sunscreen on your own skin. We can't moisturize our faces (or slather on SPF30) once and be set for life.

Just as we have to keep using moisturizer to keep our skin in shape, we also have to keep applying Nose Butter to keep our dog's noses healthy.

Like cutting's part of their health care regimen.