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Blissful Dog Wholesale Faire  

Are You Ready For Some Bliss In Your Boutique, Grooming Shop, Veterinarian Clinic or Business?

We have partnered with Faire, an exciting new way to stock your store, to offer what we feel is the most blissful wholesale experience. Faire, in a nutshell, is an online tradeshow that takes customer service to the next level. Grab a cuppa your fave beverage and let’s do this!

Setting up a Faire account only takes a few minutes. Follow the link below and we’ll be here when you are ready.

FREE SHIPPING Faire picks up the tab for shipping. You read that right, Faire pays for shipping for a full year. Did you spill your beverage?

STORE CREDIT When you sign up for a Faire account, Faire deposits credit in your account to shop with us. It’s like getting free stuff!

NET 60 PAYMENT TERMS I know, really!

FAST FULFILLMENT We ship FAST, usually 1-3 business days. If we do have a blizzard, dragon attack or any other snafu, we keep you posted.

FREE RETURNS Faire has your back when it comes to returns.

EASY CHOICES Faire has our sales data and they’ve arranged our product offering with the best sellers first.


Have any questions? If you are a current wholesale customer, you can still take advantage of the Faire benefits.


Order Directly From The Blissful Dog - For PDF with pricing and complete contact us at 1.855.DOG.BLISS or Send Email

Request Wholesale Info from The Blissful Dog

Request Wholesale Info From The Blissful Dog

While we are thrilled to offer wholesale shopping via Faire, we also offer direct wholesale accounts. Tell us a bit about your business and we'll send all the info you'll need!


Kathy Dannel Vitcak
Founder & CEO

855.DOG.BLISS | 855.364.2547