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Samoyed Collection

samoyed puppies

Samoyed Curated Collection

The Samoyed is a glorious dog - that white coat, that Sammie smile and that coat! They have earned a following not only for their good looks, but also for how much fun they are. Below you will find several products featuring the Samoyed on the label and a few more we recommend for your Sammie's tack box. Of course, feel free to sniff around our site as much as you wish.

Samoyed Factoids

  1. Correct pronunciation is Se-MOY-ed or SAM-ey-yed
  2. Samoyeds were the dog of choice for exploration of both North and South Poles
  3. Spinning and weaving Samoyed hair into clothes is a THING
  4. Samoyed are so famous for their smile it's called the...wait for it...Sammie Smile