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Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound duo in forestThe Irish Wolfhound Collection | Handpicked for Your Stalwart IW

The Irish Wolfhound has one of the most thrilling histories of any dog breed. Their origin  as an identifiable dog breed goes back to hundreds of years BC. Some of the earliest artwork shows the Irish Wolfdog to be well over 36 inches at the shoulder and heavier than today's Wolfhound. The imposing dogs were used to hunt wild boar, wolf and deer, and also the enormous Irish elk of the time, which were taller than six feet at their withers/shoulders. Needless to say, the Irish Wolfhound has earned bragging rights at any gathering of dogs.

The Blissful Dog Irish Wolfhound Collections showcases the products featuring the IW. plus products recommended for their health and wellbeing.