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French Bulldog Collection

French bulldog colors

Calling All French Bulldog Fanatics! 

French Bulldogs Everywhere!

When I got my first French Bulldog, a sassy 20# brindle boy names Joker, nobody knew what they were! Those days are over, as we see Frenchies everywhere now! More fun for today's Frenchie lover as Frenchie themed items are much more accessible.

Everything The Blissful Dog offers with a French Bulldog label, plus a few other goodies, is featured right here in one ez-to-shop page! Enjoy! 

French Bulldog Nose Butter®

French Bulldog Nose Butter has each Frenchie color label on a separate page, due to shopping cart system restraints. It was organize it that way or offer less colors and sizes - the horror!

French Bulldog Goodies Galore!

Back in the Frenchie Stone Age (the 90s) we Frenchie Fanatics would snap up anything with a dog that resembled a Frenchie on it. When combing the old antique malls and flea markets (pre-eBay) we would squint at Boxer and Boston Terrier figurines and proclaim them Frenchies. Needless to say, I gifted everyone I knew with a Boxer of Boston Terrier with random figurines for years. My husband once commented he was tired of living in a Frenchie Flea Market. Too bad.

Now, you can walk into any TJMaxx and find umpteen things with a French Bulldog on it. You young people have it made, by golly. We had to trudge thru snow and ice to dark caves to get Frenchie stuff and now you millennials can buy it everywhere. 😂