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Olde English Bulldogge Collection

olde english bulldoggee puppy

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The Olde English Bulldoggee

This page is dedicated to all of The Blissful Dog products featuring the Olde English Bulldoggee on the label. Plus we offer some suggestions for products we feel would be of benefit to your Bully that are not breed specific. Also, feel free to check out our Bulldog Collection. Your original Bulldogge is a unique dog, with unique needs. Yeah, we know you get really REALLY tired of explaining the difference between an Olde English Bulldoggee and a Bulldog. We feel your pain! 

Olde is New Again

In the early 1970s David Leavitt decided to recover the original Bulldog's physical type, a more gentle temperament. He crossed dogs half English Bulldogs, and the other half a blend of Bullmastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog bloodlines.

His goal was to breed a healthier Bulldog with the looks of the original Bulldogs during the 1700s with the family friendly temperament of today's English Bulldogs. He wanted an athletic, healthier dog that would breathe freely and reproduce without too much interference by man. Read the rest HERE