happy papillon dog


The Papillon is one of those dogs who definitely lives up to his name. Intelligent, loving, active, but not hyper, the Papillon is a delight to live with. But like many of the Toy Breed dogs, Sometimes Papillons have dry or even crusty noses, rough paws, skin irritations or even stress and anxiety.

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But First…


Did you know? There is a drop-eared Papillon known as the Phalene, which means "Moth" as opposed to the "Butterfly" meaning of Papillon.

Papillons are known for being FAST, as in bat your eyes and they are "out the door and down the road" fast. Be aware of their door dashing abilities.

Papillons are often more active than many of the Toy breeds. If you want a little dog to sit beside you on a satin pillow, you may want to consider another breed.