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The Boston Terrier Collection features everything blissful with a Boston Terrier on the label + a couple of goodies you may want to consider for your Boston Buddy.

NOSE BUTTER® for dry noses, PAW BUTTER for rough paw pads and BOO BOO BUTTER for itchy skin irritations, scratches and such. Plus, our complete line of mental and emotional well-being products. RELAX, AGE WELL & FOCUS Dog Aromatherapy.

french bulldog bath

Plus, with the launch of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection we now offer everything blissful for your dog's bath and body needs. Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.


Of course, as a Boston lover, you know that back in 1865, Robert C. Hooper bought an English Bulldog–white English Terrier cross, who was to become to beginning of the Boston Terrier breed. The snappy dark brindle dog with the white flashy markings became known as Hooper's Judge. Judge was bred to local terrier types and due to his prepotency as a stud, a type was quickly set. 

The Boston Terrier of that time belonged to the working class folks and the French Bulldog was a dog of the upper classes (back then). Often the hired help (what is a politically correct term for back then - servants? hired help?) would take the French Bulldog boys for a walk and to have a dalliance with the Boston Terrier girls! Thus, added the Frenchie look to those early Boston Terriers.

Back then they were called Round-Headed Bull and Terrier. By 1891 they were thankfully being called the Boston Terrier.

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