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Dog Elbow Callus Care

dog elbow callus prevention

Dog Elbow Callus Care & Elbow Butter Overview


IELBOW BUTTER in the tin and in the tube is the exact same formulation. There is no difference in the actual product, just different containers. 

TIP! If you prefer a hands-on approach, get the tin. If dab and go is your style, get the tube. More tips on selecting your dog's ELBOW BUTTER are available here.


  • For ease of application and faster absorption put tin or tube in your pocket for a few minutes to warm it
  • Wipe callus clean (wet wipe, warm washcloth etc.)
  • TIN Scoop a bit out with finger or spoon and warm in your palm before application for faster absorption
  • DAB or rub on dog's elbow callus
  • DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off (give treat, feed dinner, go for walk)
  • REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until there is improvement
  • Use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)
  • Keep off carpet and furniture for 10-15 minutes after application
  • Products have no active ingredients and will not harm your dog if they lick some off. But we do want the product to get it's work done, so see distract tips
  • Complete tips, hints & directions brochure is included with every order

FYI: Our balms have a dense, stiff consistency, because your dog's elbow callus is very thick skin tissue. If it were a fluffy cream, it would not work. 

    apply elbow butter for dog calluses

    Will ELBOW BUTTER Make the Callus Go Away?

    MAYBE! Clients have reported calluses disappearing completely and hair growing back, BUT that is not guaranteed. Like those weight loss ads that say, “These results are not typical of all users.”

    Remember, your dog re-creates the callus when they lie on a hard surface. ELBOW BUTTER softens the callus and helps keep it from bleeding, The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial power of our herbal ingredients help keep infections at bay.

    ELBOW BUTTER Is All Natural

    I've had many frantic phone calls from concerned dog parents after they dog licked a tin of ELBOW BUTTER clean. ELBOW BUTTER is made using all natural stuff that will not hurt your dog’s tummy, there are no active ingredients to upset systems. Of course, you do not want them to eat that much fat at one time, so put the lid on and put it away!

    Official Disclaimer: If your dog had an individual sensitivity to an individual ingredient, that would be a uniquely individual reaction. My college English professor would faint if she knew I used a word three times in a sentence.