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Chinese Shar-Pei Collection

chinese shar-pei puppies

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We've gathered all of our Chinese Shar-Pei products for grooming, skin problems, and more on this one page portal. Many items feature the Chinese Shar-Pei on the labels, others are products we highly recommend for optimum care of your Chinese Shar-Pei's unique skin and grooming needs.

Back in the late 80s/early 90s I shared my life with a few lovely Shar-Pei. When I moved to Minnesota in 1997, I hired a guy to help me move my stuff from storage into my rental home. I told him not to pet the Shar-Pei girl as she was very distrustful of strangers. Later in the day I turned around and she was in his lap licking him. Yeah, I married him. That's how I met my husband.

Random Tidbit | Shar-Pei Secret

There are three coat types within the Chinese Shar-Pei;

  1. Horse coat: original short, prickly
  2. Brush coat: Bit longer & less prickly that horse coat
  3. Bear coat: (not allowed to be shown) which is a long coat like a Chow. IMHO the bear coat shows the Chow connection, longer coat, black tongue.