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No More Funky Flat Faces, Bedraggled Beards or Filthy Fringes!

Dogue de Bordeaux trotting

Kissably Clean, Cuddly Fresh Faces

From extremely flat-faces with fat nose rolls and wrinkled foreheads to faces with long, pendulous jowls that hang along the sides of their faces, plus, all types of coat, we have bred bred dogs to look certain ways.

Unfortunately, food becomes trapped in the folds of flatter faces, dogs with bigger eyes create more tears, and dogs with heavy skin folds trap all sorts of stuff in their skin. This creates a perfect breeding ground for funky smells, yeasty yucky spots, stained coats, and more. 

Often your dog doesn't need a full bath, but that face needs some attention. This is where Blissfully Fresh™ Face Wash becomes another tool in your dog care kit to save you time and stress.

OH! Those Faces! Info & Tips

Terrible Tear Stains

Many dog breeds have large, soulful eyes that melt our hearts. Those chocolate pools of love also have a tendency to create more tears. Tears run down their faces and the protein in the tears oxides with the air and stains their faces. This is what causes tear stains.

The only way to 100% get rid of tear stains is to bleach the hair or cut it off. Bleach that close to eyes is a hard NO. But, we have options!

By regularly cleaning your dog's tear-stained face with Blissfully Fresh™ Face Wash and then cutting the stained hair off as it grows out, you can start getting tear staining under control.

Tear Stain Bliss Tips!
dog ear fringe and tail cleaner

Created to Freshen Faces, Feet, Fringes on Ears, Tight, Torqued Tails & Bodacious BEARDS!

Just as some people have extra sweaty hands and feet or under-boob moisture, our dogs can also have a range of personal hygiene issues. We want our dogs to be pleasant to be around, while honoring their dogness.

Plus, dogs lap their water up, which is efficient enough, and can be levels of messy...from Chihuahua to Newfoundland! Damp faces harbor odor and can be a breeding ground for unwanted issues, as well.

Blissfully Fresh™ Face Wash keeps faces fresh, and it also works wonders on ear fringe messes, nasty beards and those torqued/tight tail woes.

Spray directly on ears and rears. For beards and faces spray on a towel/cloth and wipe it on.

Keep an extra bottle in vehicles, different rooms in your home for easy access.

Blissfully Fresh Face Wash Combo Kit

Our Blissfuly Fresh™ Combo Kit makes it even easier to keep your dog's face, feet, fringes and folds+ beards and tails fresh and clean.

Also, makes the perfect gift for your friends with flat-faced dogs who may not realize how much this is needed. Win/Win.

• Choice of 4 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz spray bottle of Blissfully Fresh Face Wash
• One .15 oz lip-balm sized tube of Nose Butter
• One .15 oz lip-balm sized tube of Boo Boo Butter
• The Blissful Dog towel 12" x 18"
• All labels will be dog breed selected
• Bags may vary; black or silver drawstring tote or handle tote

Choose from dog breed labels below.