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australian shepherd dog

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS, All American Dog With An Aussie Name

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Did you know? The Australian Shepherd is one of the American breeds (yes, the AUSTRALIAN Shepherd). Basque shepherds (Pyrenees Mountains in France and Spain) from Great Britain, Scotland and Spain as well as Australia and Latin America moved to North America during the Gold Rush with their Australian Kelpie cross dogs. Gotta love that melting pot!

The shepherds mentioned above moved to North America during the Gold Rush, hoping to strike it rich in the gold fields. As you may have guessed, many did not become millionaires, or thousand-aires, and were glad they brought sheep and their trusty sheepdogs as Plan B.

Sheep herding dogs from Germany, known as German Tigers, were brought into Australia in the early 1800s. Australians called them German Koolies which are now called Australian Koolies. The Australian Koolie has merle markings in blue, red and tri with solid red and black coats with white splashes. The Australian Koolie has hazel, brown, blue and combination eye colors.

The Scotch Collie, Border Collie and English Shepherd are also thought to be in the genetic make-up of the Aussie. This blend of DNA resulted in smart, good-looking, hard-working dogs that are high on every farmer's list as best friend and co-worker.

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