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Fila Brasileiro Collection

fila brasileiro

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The Fila Brasileiro | Faithful Friend For Life

The Fila is a massive, powerful dog. It can be tempting to think of them as Wash & Go Dogs, but even the stoic Fila needs their coat and skin taken care of. That tight, glossy coat can show every mark or scratch (Boo Boo Butter) and that big nose can be dry (Nose Butter). Plus, they gotta look good also!

Below you will find a curated list of products featuring the Fila on the labels and other products recommended for your Fila. Check out Fila Brasileiro history info here.

Two Sides of the Fila Coin

Some of the very features that are the Fila's most important qualities can also be to their detriment. For example, the Fila is known for unwavering loyalty and protectiveness to their owners. If kids are playing too loudly or rough-housing, the Fila could misinterpret the sounds of play as danger. If a medical emergency occurs and EMTs need access to the owner, the Fila must be restrained or crated. Are they worth it? Absolutely!