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all natural dog balms

Blissful Dog Apothecary Showcases Skin Care Products for Your Blissful Dog 

Individually handcrafted in far, far northern Minnesota, each tin or tube is individually hand-poured, labeled, and dedicated to your dog's wellness. Each of our butters are also non-toxic, have no active ingredients, and no artificial fillers. FYI: Many products have different dog breed labels. The product is the same, the labels are for fun. For example, Nose Butter for Pugs is the same as Nose Butter for Poodles.

Nose Butter®

Nose Butter soothes your dog's dry, chapped nose. For almost 20 years we have been helping dogs have healthier noses. Our all-natural formulation has been the go-to nose repair product for tens of thousands of dogs. Shop Below.

Elbow Butter

Elbow Butter conditions and soothes tight, uncomfortable calluses. Also works on any callus your dog may have; hocks, legs, and faces (many retired racing greyhounds have calluses from the muzzles). Shop Below.

Paw Butter

Paw Butter moisturizes your dog's rough, dry, scratchy paw pads. It also works wonders on paw pad hyperkeratosis. Paw Butter is a moisturizer and conditioner, it is not a paw protective coating. Shop Below.

Boo Boo Butter

Boo Boo Butter is our magical elixir (we wish we could call it that on the container). Boo Boo Butter works on virtually any minor skin irritation your dog could come up with. Shop Below.