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age well senior dog aromatherapy

All Natural Handcrafted Essential Oil To Support Your Dog's Aging Process 

AGE WELL supports and assists your senior dog mentally and emotionally as they age…naturally. Many dogs, just like people, begin to show forgetfulness or a lack awareness of their surroundings as they age. Some may become frightened or disoriented for no discernible reason. By the time they are ten, 50% of our dogs show signs of mental decline or canine cognitive dysfunction. In large, giant and bully breeds the aging process is often accelerated, so these breed types may show signs at seven or eight years of age.

AGE WELL helps your senior dog relax and feel calmer, while encouraging them to stay focused and in the moment, as it lifts their mood and balances the ragged edges.

Our Promise for Age Well Dog Aromatherapy 

Each bottle of AGE WELL is infused with reverence, respect and the intention for your senior dog to live comfortably, knowing they are loved. We also send your old dog a hug and warm wishes for the perfect sunbeam to sleep in and dreams of running fast again.

AGE WELL Aromatherapy Product Info:

  • Individually handcrafted, mixed and poured with reverence for your senior dog
  • Made here at The Blissful Dog in far northern Minnesota
  • All natural and organic ingredients used
  • .45 ounce Plastic Roll-on Bottle
  • 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mister Bottle
  • Combo of Both Available for maximum effectiveness
  • Featuring Senior Dog(s) of your choice on the label
  • Tucked in a gift bag with complete usage tips, hints and suggestions included

Tips for Using Age Well on Your Senior Dog

ROLL-ON For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion, inside your dog's ears, on their groin/belly area or throat (there is less hair inside ears and on belly). Alternate application: roll onto your hands and pet your dog. Reapply as needed to help your dog be more peaceful and present. 

SPRAY Spritz over your dog's body (don't spray in their face-dogs don't like that) from the ears back. You can also spray their bedding, crate, inside vehicle prior to get the idea. 

USE TOGETHER Use Age Well Spray for quick action and to help start the calming process. Then apply Age Well Roll-On for long-lasting relaxation. Roll-On is more concentrated, but the Spray is fast and ez to use and together they magnify the benefits.

Essential Oils Used in Age Well

  • CEDARWOOD grounds and reduces panic
  • CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
  • FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
  • LAVENDER classic calming
  • VETIVER stress relief
  • BERGAMOT uplifts and balances
  • MYRRH relieves agitation, balances
  • YLANG YLANG balances overstretched nerves, uplifts
  • GRAPEFRUIT enlivens the mind
  • ROSEMARY promotes mental clarity
  • BLOOD ORANGE uplifts depression and levels mood swings

        Additional Usage Suggestions for Senior Dogs As They Near Their End 

        Of course, this is NOT a subject any of us want to think about, let alone actively prepare for. The suggestions offered helped me be somewhat mentally and emotionally prepared for some of the hardest days of my life and are shared in the hopes that the day you say goodbye may be a tiny bit less painful. More on Saying Goodbye (How to Know When etc.) HERE

        OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: The safe and proper use of essential oils and aromatherapy formulas is the sole responsibility of the user. The Blissful Dog and Kathy Dannel Vitcak assume no responsibility or liability for any persons’ misuse, carelessness, allergic reaction, or any other conditions arising directly or indirectly from use or from any information contained herein. WHEW! That sounded ever so official, didn't it???