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Welcome to The Blissful Dog Library of Dog Knowledge

That certainly sounds optimistic and a wee bit grandiose. Larccán, the over-zealous librarian above and I will gather all sorts of canine info from history factoids, to caring for your blissful dog, to product usage and whatever else pops up. Hang in there with me as I organize 30+ years of saved tidbits.

Caring for Senior Dogs

If you have been lucky enough to been the caretaker for an older dog, you know the special love that comes with that honor. Below are a few tips on helping your aging dog be more comfortable. 

The Two Best Things You Can Do For Your Aging Dog

12 Ways to Help Your Senior Dog's Life Be Fuller

More Tips for Helping Your Senior

When the End Draws Near

No matter how well we care for our senior dogs, the inevitable end comes and it is always too soon. It's OK To Go shares many ways to make that final decision easier and much more.

It's OK to Go

Caring For Your Flat-Faced Dogs

Smoosh faced dogs have exploded in popularity. But with great dogs comes great responsibility. Here are a few articles on living with flat-faced dogs safely, responsibly and without it being lifestyle restricting aka a big hassle. 

Hot Weather & Flat Faced Dogs

Keeping Your Flat-Faced Dog's Face Fresh