Dogue de Bordeaux Collection


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Who Can Resist That Dogue de Bordeaux Face?

The Dogue de Bordeaux collection is dedicated to your head-turner of a dog. From their massive head with an expression like no other down to their equally massive feet, the Dogue demands you notice them. This collections features all of The Blissful Dog products with Dogue de Bordeaux on the labels, plus, ones that you may wish to consider for your DDB's kit. Yes, we have a LOT of products with Dogue de Bordeaux labels, because who can resist that face? Not us!

Remember Turner & Hooch?


Many of us discovered the Dogue de Bordeaux when Hooch appeared in the 1989 Tom Hanks’ film, Turner and Hooch. I was flying to Germany and Turner and Hooch was the in-flight movie. I fought back tears as long as I could, looked up and the flight attendant was handing out tissues to weeping passengers. I was not alone. They would probably charge you $29.00 for in-flight tissues now. What a great actor Beasley was, he had charisma!.