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rottweiler shopping


All of The Blissful Dog goodies that are Rottie labeled, plus a few we think you may want to check out, are accessible right from this page. EZ, Fast Shopping!

From nose to toes and everything in between, we've got your Rottie's needs covered. Well, as far as butters and balms go!

NOSE BUTTER® for dry noses, PAW BUTTER for rough paw pads, ELBOW BUTTER for those frustrating elbow calluses, BOO BOO BUTTER for itchy skin irritations, scratches and such. Plus, our complete line of mental and emotional well-being products. RELAX, AGE WELL & FOCUS Dog Aromatherapy.

dog shampoo products

Plus, with the launch of our Blissfully Clean Dogs Collection we now offer everything blissful for your dog's bath and body needs. Shampoos, bar soaps, conditioner, coat spray, bug off and an awesome ear cleaner.


By the way, did you know that Rottweilers worked as cart pulling and cattle herding dogs for decades. In the late 1800s cattle herding was forbidden by law and the Rottweiler found new work pulling carts for butchers and other merchants.

It has only been in the last few decades that the Rottie became the formidable protection and guard dog we know today. Hmm, I think that old movie The Omen contributed to THAT!