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Does Your Dog Have a Dry, Crusty Nose?

Based on 3738 reviews
Dog not so Dirrty anymore. :)

I love the Dirrrty Dog shampoo. It lathers great and goes a long way. It leaves his coat and skin beautifully shiny and clean. He smells great, until he finds more dirt to lay in to stay cool. But this shampoo goes further than any I've used.

Great Stuff

The Vet told me Teddy had colly nose, thought I would try the Blissful Dog nose butter. After a few applications on his nose and snout & some sores on his ears they looked good, now I only apply the nose butter every couple of days. During this hot weather I noticed him nipping at himself which caused quite a few scabs and welts all over his body, I thought why not try the nose butter, I applied the nose butter to the scabs & sores, it helped decrease the itching and scabs, they are almost all gone by now.

Works great

The nose butter really does work.

Saint Bernard Nose Butter
Heather Philips
Miracle Remedy

My Saint Bernard's nose has been dry & cracked for years. Nose looked discolored from the dryness. ONE use and his nose was perfectly shiny black again! I was so shocked! He started getting a little dry (but no discoloration) 2 weeks later, so used one more time. I love the tube butter. It's easy to apply like a big chapstick for his nose. The paw butter tin is working great on the pads of his feet. Those were worse and taking a little longer since I haven't been consistent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I only wish I found this product sooner. I will never be without it again.

Better than I expected

This product is amazing Banjo’s nose was dry, crusty and cracking. He suffers from Collie Nose and was being treated with steroid drops. These worked but continued use is not recommended. Banjo lost his hair above his nose and also his brown pigmented nose turned pink.
After a few months using the Nose Butter his nose back to normal with the brown nose starting to return and the hair is coming back.
I would highly recommend this product.
Cheers Iain from Australia.

Love your products!!

We have 2 Great Pyrenees mix dogs. We have used the Nose butter on our male and it has cleared up his nose so much! He hardly has any "crustiness" on his nose any more. We just started using the Gentle Touch shampoo and our pups sure did look good! They also weren't scratching near us much. These are such great products. I tell everyone i can!

Bug Off Spray
Sandra Hopkins
Excellent Product

Simon more willing to go outside ,travel since having Bug Off to wear outside!!Definitely less itching and fewer red bumps.Neither he or I mind the scent!!Thanks to Blissful Dog for their contribution to this awful summer heat and numerous bug bites!!

No H20 Spray Pet Shampoo
Christine Donda
Loving all the Blissful!!!

I have been sharing my gallon with dog show friends. Love it!

It works!

The nose butter restored my golden retriever’s nose. It took closer to 2 weeks to achieve the results with applications of the butter two times per day. My only request is to find a container that offers improved-design and is easier to open and the seal. I will try the tube next time instead of the tin can with screw on/off threads.

Lust Buster Butter
Sylvia F.
Lust Buster - I’m impressed!

Hi! I go to dog obedience classes and dog agility practices with my intact Golden Retriever, Wincent. In recent months, he was becoming increasingly distracted by certain females in my groups. I tried your product and I must say that it truly helps to keep him focussing on me. I smear the Lust Buster on his nose before starting class and we’re good for about half an hour. I put more on his nose for the last half of our class and no more problems with distractions from other dogs. Thank you for making my life much easier (and less stressful) when working with my canine buddy! Sylvia

Best nose butter!

Our Frenchie has a very dry nose and the nose butter keeps it from getting crispy. We will continue to purchase this product!


Dear Kathy,
Our 8 years old Golden, Molly, has suffered with a cracked raw nose for years. Our vet has tried several different antibiotics--some helped, but none completely took care of the problem. Recently, a friend told us about Nose Butter and when we found you online, we immediately ordered some. Wow, within a couple of days we could already see a change. We're so sorry we didn't take a picture of her nose before we started, but we'll send a picture when she finally has a beautiful nose again. By the way, within 2 days whenever she hears the hair dryer, she comes running! Hair dryer = nose butter = treats. Again, thank you for your wonderful nose butter. Bless you, Jo Clifford

Ear Cleaner

Great product, have purchased several times before and will continue as long as it’s available. Took off a star just because I (and especially my pup Ivy) would prefer a more subtle scent, it’s a little overwhelming.

Fresh Face Wash
Christine Donda
Fresh Face the best results!!!

This product has helped keep my show dogs white faces so clean!!!! Love it!!! Toffee gives it 2 paws up!

Boxer Nose Butter
Samantha Tripp
Best purchase!

I’ve been buying the nose butter for my boxer, Sig, for years now! It works great, easy to apply, and has instant results. It’s affordable and ships quickly too which is a huge plus! Thank you for this amazing product!

Vizsla Nose Butter

My dog had such a dry nose put the nose butter on and almost immediately my dog's nose looked better!! My dog's nose looks a healthy color again and no longer looking dry.

Nose job

Blissful nose butter is amazing

Love It!

I use Boo Boo Butter on my Chinese Cresteds after their shave. It sooths their skin and makes it sliky smooth.

Love your products!

This product smells wonderful and is so easy to use! It's hot here in Singapore but we don't want to be bathing the dog too much to avoid drying out his fur. This does the trick in between baths! IG @peace.of.ginger

New Favorite Shampoo

I have tried a lot of shampoo (I have 7 dogs) and the Gentle Touch Shampoo is now my new favorite. The smell is welcoming, natural, the shampoo lathers very nicely and is very easy to rinse off. Post shampoo, the coat is shiny and soft, dog smells wonderful.
Highly recommend this shampoo and the other products from Blissful dog (such as their nose butter).

Thank you so much for sharing how well Gentle Touch worked for your dogs. Do you bathe them one after other like a wet dog assembly line or spread it out? I have a great mental picture of them lined up bath and toenail day! Again, thank you, your kind review made my day! -Kathy

Great product!

We hike a lot and in different areas! My dog’s paws often get very dry! Tried this paw butter and loved it!! We also use the nose butter as well!

Thank you for letting us know how Paw Butter is working for you. I'm even more impressed by your hiking a lot! Happy Hiking! Oh, try some of the Paw Butter on your feet...

A White Blueberry

I have been using Blissful Dog's Razzle Dazzle white for some time, now. The shampoo does a beautiful job at keeping his coat nice and white. He goes for a bath every few weeks, and the Razzle Dazzle goes with him. Love the product!

He is GORGEOUS! We know how hard it is to keep anything white (I never in my life had a pair of white pants). But an eating, drinking, rough-and-tumble Bulldog must be extra challenging! He is a credit to your hard work and we'll accept the praise on Razzle Dazzle as an assist to your dedication. Thank you for letting us know and tell his groomer we are extra impressed! -Kathy

Amazing Shampoo

I thought I was using a great shampoo for Bella until we tried Gentle Touch the smell the shine and the fullness to her coat is amazing I will order again In factbI might borrow some from Bella for myself Hehe Thank you for great product

Thank you for letting us know how well Bella has done with Gentle Touch and how much you like it also! It can be hard to make a dog shampoo that has enough scent that last longh enough for us to enjoy without it being too much for our dogs sense of smell. We're glad you're pleased! ☺️

We'll let you in on a little secret...all of us use our products on ourselves. My husband uses the Razzle Dazzle shampoo on his hair now and loves it! -Kathy

Nose butter

Love this Product. No crusty noses is in this house!!!

Looks like nobody is camera shy in your house either! What a lovely Frenchie and we're delighted our Nose Butter works so well for y'all. I'm equally impressed with how well your Frenchie has hit their mark and perfectly posed for the camera! Thank you! Kathy

Perfect face wash

Love this face wash spray for my bully it cleaned his tear stains so easily. The soft face cloth is perfect for sensitive skin and he Even smell nice and clean after

Thank you! Thank you! Sometimes they don't need a nose to toes bath and the Fresh Face Wash is just enough! Our flat-faced dogs just need a little extra care, but they are SO worth it! Kathy