nose butter for dog noses


Is your dog's nose a little dry? Maybe has some dryness around the nostrils? Or does your dog's nose look like any of the ones below? Whether your dog has just a bit of dryness or a more extreme version, NOSE BUTTER® can help. NOSE BUTTER® moisturizes and soothes your dog's nose and helps get it back to normal FAST. Then regular maintenance usage keeps that nose in sniffing good shape.

dog nasal hyperkeratosis

NOSE BUTTER® is individually handcrafted here at The Blissful Dog in far northern Minnesota (yes, it gets science fiction cold). We use all natural, human cosmetics quality ingredients for your dog's health and well-being. 

NOSE BUTTER® is offered in several sizes of tins and tubes…because dogs come in lots of different sizes. We also have 100+ different dog breed labels, Just A Nose and Mixed Breed labels. To shop by your dog's breed go here - DOG BREED PAGE

NOSE BUTTER® is the same all natural recipe/formulation, whether it has a Chihuahua or a Mastiff on the label.

The Blissful Dog offers over 100 different dog breed labels to celebrate the immense range of  diversity amongst dog breeds and the people who love them.


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  2. Breeds are listed in AKC alphabetical order (ex. Bulldog not English Bulldog)
  3. Don't see your breed label? We also have JUST A NOSE, MIXED BREED and 3 CUTE PUPPIES labels
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  6. BLISS TIP! Don't get hung up on the labels, remember NOSE BUTTER® is same recipe, labels are just for fun