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Does Your Dog Have a Rough, Dry or Even Crusty Nose?

Nose Butter® Moisturizes Your Dog's Dry Nose…Naturally!

Dry dog noses range from just a bit of dryness to a more extreme version, called nasal hyperkeratosis. Many factors can cause our dog's to have various degrees of dry noses, but often it is considered idiopathic or of unknown origin. Want to know more? All the scoop is here.

Selecting Your Dog's Nose Butter

1) Find your dog's breed below (or Just A Nose or Mixed Breed)
2) Choose tin or tube, size and lightly scented or unscented
3) Add to cart, pay & done!

BLISS TIP! Nose Butter is the SAME formulation for every dog breed, the dog breed labels are just an option, like getting a mug with your dog breed. If you don't see your breed choose from Just A Nose, Mixed Breed or 3 Cute Puppies below.

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