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Poodle Collection

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Shop For Your Blissful Poodle 

We live in a busy world, no one has enough TIME! In that spirit, we offer one EZ portal page for shopping for your Poodle.  All of The Blissful Dog poodle skin care, hair care, and grooming products are right here, easily accessible. Plus, we added other goodies you might enjoy for your best friend. 

Poodle Factoids

  1. In 1988, a musher named John Suter entered the Iditarod with an all-poodle sled team. They did not do well, feet were cold, coats matted, which led to changing the rules to permit only Nordic breeds to run.
  2. Elvis Presley had a thing for Poodle. There were always Poodles at Graceland and quite a few lucky women were given Poodles by Elvis. Hmm, not hound dogs?
  3. Poodle coats never stop growing, which is why grooming them is critical to their health.