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Dog Aromatherapy Focus

focus dog training

Is Your Dog Hyper, Hyper, Hyper? Or Does Your Dog Ignore You?

Time to Focus

For both the wound-tight, energy galore, hyper dog and the attention deficit ones we offer Focus Dog Aromatherapy to help them pay attention. Does your dog hit the ground running every morning going 90 miles an hour in every direction all at once? This high energy type of dog can be a blast to watch bounce around, but all that energy can be frustrating when you just want to go for a nice walk, let alone attempt training class.

The dog at the opposite end of the attention spectrum can also use some focus. You know the type, you call their name and they barely twitch an ear, let alone lift their head to acknowledge you called them. This dog has a deficit of attention (unless it is something they want to do).

In the Zone

Focus Dog Aromatherapy fuses essential oils for hyper and unfocused dogs into in a carrier of organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil for the roll-on and distilled water and natural emulsifier for the spray.

TIP: Use as needed, but try not to overuse. If Focus Dog Aromatherapy is dedicated for times you are actively doing something with your dog, then it will mean TIME TO FOCUS to them. Don't dilute that message by using these essential oils just to get them to generally pay more attention.

All the labels! Don't see your breed? Pick any you like, Focus Dog Aromatherapy is all the same good calming stuff inside, the breed labels are our celebration of the diversity of dogs! Show Me! label has all the glorious show ribbons it...hint, hint.

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