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Is Your Dog the Poster Dog For Hyper? Or Does Your Dog Barely Acknowledge You Have Spoken?

For both the wound-tight, energy galore, hyper dog and the attention deficit ones we offer Focus Dog Aromatherapy. Does your dog hit the ground with all four paws running every morning going 90 miles an hour in every direction all at once? Is it a struggle to get your dog to slow down, even for a minute? This high energy type of dog can be a blast to watch bounce around, but all that energy can be frustrating when you just want to go for a nice walk, let alone attempt training class.

The dog at the opposite end of the attention spectrum can also use some focus. You know the type, you call their name and they barely twitch an ear, let alone lift their head to acknowledge you called them. This dog has a deficit of attention (unless it is something they want to do). Utter and complete disregard for your calling them with maybe a hint of passive-aggressive defiance. Yikes, I described almost every teenager (and myself when I'm in a mood).