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Everything Blissful For Your Corgi

Corgi Butts Are Everywhere!

Corgi's have captured everyone's attention in the last few years. I've seen Facebook groups dedicated to pictures of Disapproving Corgis  and Corgi Butts!Those who know the unique charms of this breed must be thrilled to share these mischievous dogs with the world.

This shopping portal page showcases everything that features the Corgi on the label, plus, other products that may benefit your Corgi.While they look like wash-no-go mini-floofs, keeping a Corgi in tip-top shape takes a lot of work! Tip! Check out First Sniff Cologne for the most handsome Corgi spokesdog.

Random Corgi Factoids

There are two types of Corgis; the Pembroke and the Cardigan. When I first started showing dogs I wondered how to remember which was which. A friend of mine said the Pembroke broke off their tail. Worked for me.
  • The Pembroke's tail is a mere nub and the Cardigan has a long plumed tail.
  • The Pembroke has rounder ears, the Cardigan ears are not only bigger, but slightly more pointed.
  • One more, the Pembroke is a bit smaller and more outgoing. The Cardigan is bigger all around and holds back a bit. Like your standoffish sibling at family reunions.