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Lust Buster Butter

lust buster dog breeding

Lust Buster Butter 

Lust Buster Butter For Your Amorous Dog

Lust Buster Butter helps take the edge off your dog's amorous intentions long enough for you to show him, train him, run rally or perform other activities that require his attention. It is intended for usage for SHORT PERIODS of time.

This WILL NOT keep your intact male away from a girl in heat in your home for days on end. We would rather you not buy this product if that is the situation. Nothing can stop raging hormones! 

Lust Buster Product Info

Available in .15 oz lip balm-sized tubes, .50 oz tubes, 1 ounce tins and a combo of both tubes and a tin (save $6).

Your choice of dog breed labels. The product is the same recipe, the dog breed labels are just for fun.

  • Lust Buster Bulldog
  • Lust Buster Chihuahua
  • Lust Buster French Bulldog
  • Lust Buster Pug

Ingredients; shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter and a dash of peppermint essential oils. This is the deterrent as dogs don't like the smell of peppermint and it is a strong scent that won't harm their sense of smell or irritate like some harsh oils can.


Lust Buster is to be dabbed on the boy dog's nose prior to the time frame you want to break his concentration on nature's siren call. This IS a gentle, non-irritating product to be used on your BOY dog's nose to HELP mask/hide the enticing smell of girl dogs in heat for SHORT periods of time.

  • Lust Buster is NOT intended for use on the girl dog in heat
  • Lust Buster is NOT a spray or product to keep hordes of crazed boy dogs away from your home or yard if there is a girl dog in heat on the premises
  • Lust Buster is NOT effective for long-term usage in close quarters
  • Lust Buster is NOT guaranteed to 100% prevent pregnancy or breeding

LUST BUSTER is not effective for long-term close quarters situations, Nature is way too powerful for that. Keeping expectations real here ;-D

Customer Reviews

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Lust Buster

Good service but product was not effective. Also expensive for a very tiny amount of product.

Lust Buster is our one product that is the toughest to explain properly. I try, but I wish I could better convey that it is only going to work for short periods of time. And some dogs that are VERY testosterone-driven may shake it off and keep relentlessly pursuing the object of their affection.

We sell a lot of it and have many satisfied customers, but again, it is a tough challenge to help our customers with effectively. If we made is super strong or used oils that are spicier, Ginger, for example, it could irritate their nasal passages and be uncomfortable or even hurt their nose. That's not what we want to do.

Believe me, I have lived with a couple of boy dogs that were pretty determined. The whining, pacing, drooling and all the other histrionics were annoying, to put it politely. But, we can't sell anything with the potential for harm, as I'm sure you agree! Oops, I rambled a bit (a lot). I hope you have survived this time with your dogs with your nerves intact! Kathy PS - I am so proud of myself for not making any 5th-grade level joes. Anyone who knows me and reads this will be amazed!

Lori Knott
Blissful dog

This product and this company is amazing.

No, YOU'RE amazing! Amazing for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review. Thank you! Thank you! _Kathy