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relax dog aromatherapy

Dog Aromatherapy | Essential Oils for Your Dog's Anxieties, Concentration and Aging Process 

Using Aromatherapy For Your Dog's Emotional Well-Being 

Remember when the idea of using aromatherapy or essential oils was kinda "woo-woo" or fringe? Thankfully, those days are behind us and aromatherapy is fully 100% mainstream.

What Essential Oils Can Give Your Dog

Most of the emotional balancing our dogs need stems from these core basic needs.

Our dogs need to feel grounded, relaxed and present. If they feel grounded, relaxed and present they are able to then feel SAFE. Essential oils can help bring your dog to a calmer state that allows them to be receptive to your help.

Our three essential oil blends build upon this cornerstone for our dogs emotional well-being. First is RELAX, which relaxes and calms our dogs. This allows them to then FOCUS, when needed, and be involved in the activity at hand. And, of course, AGE WELL supports our dogs throughout their senior years.

What to Expect When Using Essential Oils For Your Dog 

If you are new to using essential oils for your dog here are a few pointers that will hopefully make the process smoother for you both. 

Essential oils will not act like a sedative on your dog. For example, the purpose of Relax is to take the edge off your dog's heightened emotional state and to allow them to be calmer until the stress inducing situation is over. We don't expect a whiff of Relax to make your dog enjoy the 4th of July fireworks, we do hope they are less frantic and in a more comfortable state of mind.

Dogs are individuals and will react differently from one another. Watch for nuances of reaction in your dog. Some dogs respond to the first usage and others may take a couple of instances. Give it a few tries. 

If using the spray bottle, spray only from ears back. If your dog is afraid of the mist settling on them, spray a paper towel and gently wipe them down using that.

The most important part of the process is for you to remain level and calm. Your dog will be in an uproar if you are! Deep breaths and stay as calm as you can. If another family member is escalating the situation (you know who I'm talking about), try to get them away from the dog without screaming "You are making it worse!" even if they are.

The best way for your dog to achieve maximum benefits is through a combination of breathing in the oils and by the oils being absorbed through the skin. This is done by applying the oils onto your dog and allowing them to sniff as desired.

Overview of Relax, Age Well and Focus Dog Product Info


Bliss Tip!  The different dog labels are just for fun and to celebrate the diversity of dogs. Choose any label you like if you don't see your breed. We have a general label, mixed breed and combo breeds labels.

Relax Dog Aromatherapy 

RELAX Dog Aromatherapy takes the edge off your dog's stress and anxiety without the need for powerful drugs or uncomfortable restraints. 

When Thunder Booms and Fireworks Pop! 

Just as people have fear inducing triggers such as spiders, snakes, public speaking, flying, heights, to name a very few, our dogs can also be triggered. The most common stress and feat triggers for dogs are thunderstorms, fireworks and separation from loved ones. 

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

A bittersweet part of sharing our lives with dogs is that they don't live as long as we do. Many dogs, just like people, begin to show forgetfulness or a lack awareness of their surroundings as they age. Some may become frightened or disoriented for no discernible reason.

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy helps your senior dog relax and be more peaceful and present…making their aging process gentler.

    Focus Dog Aromatherapy

    Is your dog high energy? Running back and forth, bouncing around, picking up one toy only to immediately drop it and grab another toy? Then in a flash, he has forgotten the toys and has a water bottle that he is making that annoying crackling noise with? This high energy type of dog can be fun to live with when you want some entertainment, but a handful when you are on a walk or venturing into the show ring.

    Is your dog the opposite? The one you call and call and he acts as if you do not exist, the dog who passive aggressively (I am anthropomorphizing, I know) refuses to do anything you want. FOCUS Dog Aromatherapy may be the answer.

    Use prior to any class or activity where you want your dog to pay attention to you. FOCUS amps up concentration and increases attention span.