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lust buster for dogs



Have you ever had an up and coming superstar show dog? You know the one. He was perfect from Day One. Never puts a foot wrong, he's smart and loves to show. Your hands shake just thinking about his exciting future! You receive the premium list for your dog breed's National Specialty Show and see the judge is one who ADORES this type of dog. Your Chosen One is everything she always gives the BIG awards to and she has given both of his parents huge ribbons and awards before.

This could be THE. BIG. WIN.

At training class he is oh, so perfect…you could weep. You open a new charge card,  take precious vacation time, buy several stellar outfits for yourself, a new bling collar and lead for him and off you go to the National Specialty Dog Show. The entire way you dream of ginormous ribbons and everyone telling you how amazing this dog is. Too excited for words.

That first night there you take your precious boy to the bathroom in the exercise pen area and, he starts sniffing the ground, drooling and his jaws are chattering like a crazed chipmunk on crack. OH NO!!!! Is he sick, did he eat something, what could it be flashes through your mind and then, you realize...there are girl dogs in heat!

In the bat of an eye, your hopes, dreams and plans for domination in the dog show ring melt into a messy puddle of young boy dog hormonal testosterone. He has one thing and one thing ONLY on his adolescent mind. GIRLS.

The Blissful Dog presents...LUST BUSTER BUTTER! Helps remove temptation from your boy dog's brain. 


LUST BUSTER BUTTER is our tried and true NOSE BUTTER® with a Peppermint Plus blend of essential oils added. Of course, Peppermint will do no harm to your boy's nose (some essential oils can burn!). Dogs are usually not drawn to minty smells, as they are too strong and mask other smells, which is what we want it to do! Disclaimer: There is the chance that your dog MAY be one who likes the smell of Peppermint and if so, sorry, I tried!

Dab a bit on his nose while in the hotel room, motor home or grooming area and rub it in a bit. It melts at body heat, so it will soak into his nose. Reapply as needed AND keep it in your bait bag or pocket to dab on. You can also hold it under his nose (like smelling salts) and have him sniff as needed. Plus, if anyone else smells it, it smells like a nice fresh bit of gum!

We DO recommend you test this on him prior to going into the show ring, just as you wouldn't try out a new style of collar in the show ring, you don't want to throw his game off with something new.

Available with your choice of several sassy girl dogs on the label; Bulldog, French Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua or Pug. The LUST BUSTER is the SAME RECIPE, the labels are just for fun. Don't see your breed, pick one you like!

In 1 oz Tin or .15 oz tube.  

The Blissful Dog LUST BUSTER BUTTER™ is individually handcrafted by my team and I here in far northern Minnesota (yes, it is science fiction cold in the winter) using all natural and organic good stuff: shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, a healthy dash of our lust busting blend of peppermint essential oils + and love.

A quick dab of our all natural LUST BUSTER BUTTER and his brain will begin to reconnect to you and his job of looking good and acting like a show dog!

For those of us who show dogs, participate in rally, obedience or any events where there are groups of dogs, this product makes sense! Not JUST for dog show events, perfect for hiking, obedience class, anywhere there may be girl dogs in heat tempting your boy.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT CANINE BIRTH CONTROL! We cannot swear your boy dog will 100% forget about the girls gone wild, but we can promise it will HELP. It is best used for short term situations (like dog shows etc.). If you have a girl dog in heat in your home with intact male, this may not be enough for two weeks worth of distraction.

This is NOT intended to be used on the girl dog in heat. It is not a spray or something to use to keep hordes of boy dogs away from your home or girl dog in heat. This IS a gentle, non-irritating product to be used on the BOY dog's nose to mask/hide the enticing smell of girl dogs in heat for short periods of time.