Kuvasz Collection

kuvasz dog

Kuvasz Collection

Big White Hairy Livestock Guardians

The Kuvasz is one of a group of large, white or mostly white livestock guard dogs whom have protected their charges throughout Europe for thousands of years. We were honored to share our lives with a Great Pyrenees, which is closely related to the Kuvasz, who lived to be 13. While there are similarities, there are some marked differences.

The Kuvasz and the Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is slightly bigger than the Kuvasz and are a thicker, beefier build. They also carry more coat that is longer and not as wavy as the Kuvasz. Kuvasz are also pure white and the Pyrenees often has light markings of tan/biscuit or a badger color. The Kuvasz is said to be more affection and easier to live with. They also bark a wee bit less than a Pry. Either way, they are adored by their many fans.