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nova scotia duck tolling retriever in snow


The Toller (thankfully there is a short nickname for this lovely breed) is so much more than a little Golden Retriever, as they are often called. A sporting breed with a rich heritage and a devoted band of devotees, this energetic copper colored Retriever is an undiscovered gem of a dog.

The Toller is one of the high-energy, when-the-heck-do-they-ever-slow-down breeds that need to be in a household that is ready to enjoy all of that energy. Think Border Collie energy level in a small Golden Retriever body with Ginger hair and you've got the Toller. They need exercise and plenty of have been warned. 

For more on their fascinating history, check out my article on the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever HERE.. 

The Toller does not suffer from a dry nose as often as the flatter faced dog breeds, but on occasion your Toller may need a dab of NOSE BUTTER to keep their nose in top condition. Plus, PAW BUTTER keeps them tolling away. And RELAX Dog Aromatherapy helps calm your Toller during stressful times.

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If you are someone who shares their life with a Toller, I admit to a twinge of envy. What lovely, intelligent dogs! I fan-girled over your breed ;-D