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Call Me Puggle


Pugs + Beagle = PUGGLE

Like both parents, the Puggle has a predisposition toward having a dry nose. And we have the answer - NOSE BUTTER®. Dab it on, Distract with a treat and you're DONE!

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puggle dog shampoo

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Wallace Havens, a Wisconsin dog breeder, bred the first Puggle in the 1980s. I do so miss the 80s, that big hair, the shoulder pads, early Madonna.

Back to Puggles…Havens coined the name “puggle” and registered the breed with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

The Puggle name is a combo of the parent’s breeds – Pug and Beagle. This is called a portmanteau, like Bradgelina or Bromance.

Puggles are not as flat faced as their Pug parent, so breathing is not as noisy and restricted and thankfully, they don't shed as much as their Pug relatives. Plus the tendency to roam, single-mindedly led by their nose like their Beagle daddy (or momma) has been greatly reduced.

Puggle’s are happy, loving dogs, they are a delightful mix of - you guessed it - Pugs and Beagles.  The Puggle does seem to have inherited both parents predisposition to dry noses. Sometimes it is a bit of a rough, dry nose and other times is is a more extreme version of a canine dry nose in which the skin of the nose literally grows wild.